What is an NCAA Eligibility Number?

One of the most popular topics that that we get questions about here at SportsRecruits is the NCAA Eligibility Number. This article discusses all of the necessary steps you need to take to make sure you receive this number on time and how to set yourself up to be successful in college athletics.

Why do I need an NCAA Eligibility Number? 

An NCAA Eligibility Number is required for prospective student-athletes that are looking to play at either the Divison I or Divison II level. The eligibility process ensures that a high school student-athlete is eligible to compete in the NCAA come their freshman year.

Having an eligibility number indicates that you have completed all of the necessary academic requirements and have only competed athletically at the amateur level. 

You have the ability to receive your amateurism certification from the NCAA during your senior year. Maintaining amateurism is when you remain compliant with all NCAA requirements before participating as a NCAA student athlete.

When Should I Register for an NCAA Eligibility Number?

It is recommended if you have aspirations to play the Division I or Division II level that you should receive an NCAA Eligibility number at the end of your Sophomore Year. The sooner you register, the less you will have to worry later in your college recruiting process! However, this process can be completed at any point throughout your high school career. 

What About Division III? 

The NCAA Eligibility Number is not required for Division Athletes. If you plan on playing at the Division III level, it is recommended that you create a profile and obtain an NCAA ID. You can also do that at the NCAA Eligibility Center website.

How Do I Register for an NCAA Eligibility Number?

 Click here to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. To do so, you must provide:

  • Valid student email – It is important to have your own email address when pursuing college athletics.  Start to get into a habit of checking this email regularly so you stay on track with any updates on your account. 
  • Basic information – Just like creating an account for anything else, you would need to include your name, gender, date of birth, contact information, and your home address. 
  • Basic Student Education History – Include any high schools or secondary schools that you have attended for this section.
  • Student Sports Participation History – Here you need to report any awards or financial help you received as a student athlete. You would also need to include any teams you have competed for, as well as any individuals who helped market you as an athlete for your respective sport. This aids the Eligibility Center in monitoring your amateur status when a school requests your information.
  • Core Courses – Only classes in English, math (algebra 1 or higher), natural or physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion, or philosophy may be approved as NCAA core courses. Remedial classes and classes completed through credit-by-exam are not considered NCAA core courses. You need 16 core courses for both Division I  and Division II, but the breakdown of courses does slightly vary. 
  • GPA – The Division I level Requires a 2.3 GPA in all of your core courses. The Division II level requires a 2.2 GPA in all of your core courses. If you do not have the required GPA, you would then need to graduate with minimum of a 2.0 GPA and earn an SAT or ACT Score that offsets that GPA. For example, at the Division I level, you would need to achieve at least a 990 on your SAT if your overall core GPA is at 2.299, or at least a 920 on your SAT if you’re GPA is under a 2.3 to be academically qualified to compete in Division II athletics.
  • SAT / ACT – NOTE: As of January 2023, standardized test scores are not required for all student-athletes who initially enroll full-time on or after August 1, 2023. During the 2023 NCAA Convention, Divisions I and II adopted legislation to remove standardized test scores for these students.
  • Payment – If you go to school in the United States or Canada, the fee is $100.00.If you are an international student, it is $160.00. Note: You are eligible for a registration fee waiver if you have received a waiver of the SAT or ACT fee. This explains all the different reasons that you may be eligible for a waiver for the ACT or SAT. 

How Do I Report Using Different Recruiting Platforms to the NCAA Eligibility Center? 

When you are filling our your NCAA Eligibility information, you can add SportsRecruits or other recruiting platforms as an “individual whom you gave permission to market your skills in this sport.” Working with SportsRecruits and having a SportsRecruits profile is fully compliant with NCAA rules and regulations.  For information on compliance of other platforms make sure you reach out to those companies directly.

If you are using SportsRecruits, here is how you can fill out that portion of the Eligibility Form:

Name of Individual whom you gave permission- SportsRecruits

Individuals Relationship to you- Recruiting, Scouting, Talent Evaluation Service

Individuals Phone Number- 212-414-8417 (That is the SportsRecruits Help Desk)

Individuals email address- help@sportsrecruits.com

Types of services you received-  SportsRecruits is a Recruiting platform where video’s and information about athletes are available for college coaches to see.

Did you pay for these services – Yes (if applies)

How much did you pay for these services- Submit amount that you paid for SR.

Was any part of your payment based on whether you received an athletics scholarship, the value of your scholarship or admittance to an institution?- No

Where Should I Put the NCAA Eligibility Number on my SportsRecruits Profile?  

In the “Academic” section of your SportsRecruits profile, we give you a field where you can include your Eligibility Number! This is an easy way to show Division I or Division II coaches that you have already submitted your information to the eligibility center and that you are an eligible recruit!

How do I Stay up to Date on NCAA Eligibility Guidelines? 

The NCAA Eligibility Center Twitter account  Is the best place to receive updates and tips about staying on track with your eligibility!

Sign up today and add your NCAA Eligibility number directly to your SportsRecruits profile for college coaches to see!

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