February 27th, 2020 – Intrepid Lacrosse  and SportsRecruits are excited to announce a club integration for 2020 season. As part of the integration, Intrepid Lacrosse student-athletes will be able to utilize the best-in-class sports recruiting technology. The SportsRecruits platform provides Intrepid Lacrosse the ability to stay informed with each of their student-athlete’s college recruiting process, from start to finish. We spoke with Becky Luzier, director of Intrepid Lacrosse, about providing SportsRecruits to their student-athletes to compete at the next level.




How will you utilize SportsRecruits as a Coach/ Director? 

I will use the new software to track and provide more comprehensive and timely feedback to our players about their process. This transparency will allow an even more personalized and responsive recruiting support process.

Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence? 

We have looked at a lot of options and felt SportsRecruits provided the best added value for our families. Utilizing the software is the best way to ensure both myself and my actual team coaches can stay on top of what’s going on in our players’ process, which allows us to provide the best feedback and support possible. I can’t help if I am not in the loop and this new service will ensure that nothing gets missed simply because a player forgot to CC me or forward me an email. 

What was one of the biggest issues with recruiting before SportsRecruits? How do you envision SportsRecruits impacting those issues?

The biggest issue is always getting updated info from the girls. The ability to see what is happening in real-time will be a game changer. Also, the ability to have their team coaches know everything I know about what’s going on with a recruit will be invaluable.

About Intrepid Girls Lacrosse

Intrepid is Pittsburgh’s oldest club travel lacrosse program and the only non-profit in the area. We serve players in Southwest Pennsylvania and North Central West Virginia and are proud of our player-centric value system and the club as family model, that informs every aspect of our decision-making process. Our recruiting support process has produced the highest 4-year roster matriculation rate in the region and we know SportsRecruits is going to complement our club offerings as a whole, allowing us to continue to serve our families at a very high level, while also treating each recruit as a valued individual member of the Intrepid Family. 


About SportsRecruits

SportsRecruits is a college recruiting website that empowers high school student-athletes to pursue their dreams of playing at the next level by offering the tools and guidance to streamline the college recruiting process. Members develop and maintain a recruiting profile with their academic transcripts, test scores, event schedule, highlight videos, and much more. Using the Built-In Messaging System, members are able to contact their target list of schools in just a few clicks and track which schools are looking at their information.

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