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SportsRecruits puts athletes in front of college coaches. College coaches can easily find student-athletes using SportsRecruits.

The recruiting platform is used by more than 100,000 student-athletes and their families to make the recruiting process manageable. SportsRecruits connects every college coach in the country to every athlete on the platform.

Everyday, colleges like Duke University, Indiana University, University of Illinois, Notre Dame, Arkansas, LSU, UCONN, Williams, Amherst, University of Chicago, Tufts, Hamilton, Wash U… and every other school in the country connect to new recruits to find the talented athletes of the future.

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The college admissions process feels complex enough before you throw collegiate sports into the mix.

SportsRecruits’ unrivaled Advanced School Search blends all of the critical admissions factors – academic selectivity, student body size, location, average SAT scores, GPA, and more – with proprietary data about each institution’s athletics. Find the school that fits you.

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