Recruiting doesn’t have to be complicated.

Allow us to demystify the recruiting process with these simple steps.

Step 1

Create a SportsRecruits profile. Storing all of your athletic and academic information in one place makes it easy for coaches to evaluate you for their program. Don’t forget to upload your videos, or link them from YouTube, Vimeo, Hudl, or Krossover. Never underestimate the importance of video.

Step 2

Create a target list of schools. To create your list, use the Advanced School Search tool to identify the schools that match what you are looking for. No clue what you want in a school? No problem! Use the tool to explore schools. Only through exploration can you discover the schools that feel just right.

Step 3

Build relationships with college coaches. Once you have a promising list, now is the time to build rapport with coaches from these schools. This is easy on SportsRecruits. Every college profile lists the contact information for each college coach in the program. Simply choose which coach you want to talk to, and message away! Not sure what to say? Check out this sample template of what to say to a college coach.

If you’re familiar with Peyton’s story, you’ll know that the greatest comfort for those recruiting nerves is seeing your efforts pay off. When college coaches receive your message, they can instantly click on your profile and see what you can do. And you see what they do.

Every time that a coach views your transcript or watches a video, you get a notification. Seeing which coaches are interested tells you who to follow up with. Circling back with coaches to share which events you will play at, or which awards you’ve received not only makes you memorable to the coaches you contact – it builds relationships with them.

That’s all there is to it. There’s no reason that the recruiting process should be daunting. SportsRecruits makes it simple.

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