Burke SmithOn the SportsRecruits.com experience:

My SportsRecruits.com experience was great, it helped me get organized when I first started the recruiting process. The need for film was really stressed so I made sure that I had a highlight tape up on my profile as soon as possible. It was definitely an advantage when I first started contacting coaches to have all of my information in one place. The whole package was definitely worth the money.

The site was very easy to use and uploading game film was not much of a problem either. Navigating through the different schools and being able to compare them was a great help for me when I wanted to get a quick read on schools that I was interested in.

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All the guys on staff were very helpful and I always got a quick response if I had a question or concern. The highlight reels they make are high quality and they were very careful about making sure that what I wanted was in there. It was a great experience dealing with them throughout the recruiting process and they were helpful in many ways throughout the process.

Coaches liked having my film online and being able to see my information. I am sure it was very helpful to them being able to have all my information in two links, and it made my messages to them a lot less cluttered and to the point if they were able to see who I was on a separate page. Also, the film request feature was a benefit and one DI coach mentioned using it.

Being from a non-hotbed state, it was important to me that I start contacting schools first with my profile. When I got all my information together and ready to send out, it certainly helped college coaches when they read a shorter message with a profile link. Having a profile with everything coaches need to know about you on it makes the recruiting process much easier.

I would recommend SportsRecruits to a friend and I have before. It is a very helpful tool for anyone, but it is especially helpful for not-hotbed lacrosse players who want to play in college. Again, thank you very much for all of your help throughout the process, I had a great experience with SportsRecruits. As of right now I am the second lacrosse player from a Kansas High School to commit to a Division I school.