Back in March, the NCAA Division I Committee made an announcement that all Division I sports will return to their regular recruiting calendars beginning on June 1st. This will be the first time that Division I coaches will be able to watch student-athletes compete in person in over a year!


The most important thing you can do in preparation for the dead period ending is to organize your summer schedule as best you can. Knowing what clinics, tournaments, and camps you are attending will make it much easier to figure out what coaches you should be contacting prior to them seeing you compete live.

Here are some other tips to consider while getting ready for a very exciting summer event circuit!

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How to Prepare for the End of the Dead Period

  • Continue to stay safe- It is totally understandable if you are gearing up for a lot of travel this summer due to this announcement. Just remember to continue to follow all guidelines laid out by the World Health Organization.
  • Get in front of college coaches -If you are a student-athlete interested in pursuing NCAA Division I Athletics, this announcement officially allows you to have in-person meetings with college coaches. It also means that Division I programs will be allowed to host their own camps or clinics this summer, and are able to attend other recruiting events, such as showcases and tournaments. It will be crucial to check for any updates from your target list of schools to see what events they are attending or hosting so you have an opportunity to play in front of them live. Keep in mind, it is important to be messaging college coaches your summer event schedule, and specific schedules for each event you are attending. College coaches are attending recruiting events with a pre-determined list of student-athletes who have reached out, expressed interest, and let them know where they will be this summer. Make sure to get on that list!
  • Review your target list of schools- This is a good time to reassess your list of schools. Try to have a conversation about your target list with your athletic advocates (i.e. your current coaches, trainers, etc.) and take a little time to do the research on the schools you are interested in. Division I programs will be as competitive as ever, so having a realistic outlook on what schools are a good athletics fit for you will be crucial.
  • Continue to try to schedule phone calls- Division I College coaches will be as busy as ever in the upcoming months. It will be important to take the time to reach out to coaches not only by email but also by phone call. If you are a 2021, or 2022, who is at the end of your recruiting process, it will be crucial for you to reach out to coaches over the phone. On this call, you can hear where they are still looking for your position, or if you should focus your time on other programs.
  • Make updated video available- Hopefully, you have had an opportunity over the last few months to compile footage of yourself competing, working out, or working on specific skills. It is important to have the most up-to-date video of yourself on your profile, for college coaches to properly evaluate you.

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Mike Babich is one of the Recruiting Analyst at SportsRecruits. Mike has experience in collegiate athletics as a former football student-athlete at Mount Ida College, as well as a Graduate Assistant and Assistant Football Coach at Long Island University. He also served in the role of an Admissions Counselor for two years at Molloy College in Rockville Centre, New York. He has a passion for helping student-athletes better navigate and understand the recruiting process.

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