“I quickly realized that I was going to get a second chance at the “getting recruited” game, and this time around, I wasn’t going to rely on anybody else to make it happen for me.”
– Jimmy Conrad


There are things people associate with failure. Winning a national championship at your dream school, representing the U.S. in the FIFA World Cup, and building an Internet media empire are not those things.

And yet, the success Jimmy Conrad has enjoyed throughout his life can be traced back to setbacks in his youth which teens and adults alike could easily mistake for failure. For teenaged Jimmy, adopting a stubborn commitment to his goals lay the foundation for his future accolades. Persevering through setbacks throughout his recruiting process marked the difference between failing and achieving his biggest dreams.

Be uncompromising in the pursuit of your goals. Follow your dreams. Take it from Jimmy: you CAN make them happen.

Jimmy Conrad
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