We caught up with Marywood University Men’s Lacrosse Coach Ryan Nowell for a discussion about the Marywood lacrosse program and what he looks for when recruiting student-athletes.

You can find our conversation below.

Thanks to Ryan for taking the time to educate those interested in Marywood University!

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The Conversation

What are you most excited about with regards to your program?

The young group of talented players we have and are bringing in next year. I am excited to see them grow as players and on becoming a really great team.

What jumps out at you when recruiting? What do you look for in a player?

The little things. The player that is hustling every single play, never takes a play off because the coaches aren’t there watching. Its what the player does when no one is looking that makes them a great player. What I look for in a player is someone that is a competitor and who is going full speed every single time even if they mess up.

What are your “pet peeves” when recruiting?

When athletes take plays off or aren’t hustling for a ground ball or to get back on defense.

What is the best way interested student-athletes should get in touch with you?

Either through email or calling me

What kind of players succeed at your program?

Players that put in the time and work in during the off-season.

Tell us about your transition from a player to college coach?

It was difficult at first because you are close in age with the players, but once you put that border down between coach and buddies than the transition became a lot easier.

Once again, thanks to Ryan for his time, and best of luck to Marywood this season!

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