In a commitment to offering the most comprehensive video solution for recruiting, we’ve added Hudl to our growing list of supported platforms. Members can now embed video on their profiles from YouTube, Vimeo, and Hudl, as well as upload directly to SportsRecruits in practically any file format. This provides college coaches a centralized location to evaluate a prospect. For athletes and clubs, it provides real-time insight into which coaches are watching their video.

Over the past year, college coaches have watched over 250,000 hours of video on SportsRecruits. They rely on video not only to discover talent, but also to further analyze the subtle abilities of their top prospects. Whether it’s off-ball movement, footwork, stickwork, or technique, these skills are extremely difficult to assess during live competition. Film study is a pivotal component of any coach’s recruiting due diligence.

From an athlete’s perspective, video on SportsRecruits provides a competitive advantage in the process, whether it’s getting a foot in the door at a dream school, or solidifying a spot in a coach’s recruiting class. Based on thousands of interactions on our platform, we’ve found that college coaches are twice as likely to respond to a recruit that has video on their profile.

Check out the video section of our help desk to learn more about the video capabilities on SportsRecruits. Also, below is a quick video showing you how to embed your Hudl video on your profile.