PINEVILLE, NC – December, 2016 – On Deck O’s and SportsRecruits have reached an agreement on a club integration, it was announced today. As part of the agreement, On Deck O’s staff and players will receive access to the innovative suite of tools provided by the recruiting platform.

“SportsRecruits allows families and coaches the opportunity to enjoy the experience of playing the game,” said Jason Hill, Co-owner and Director of Teams. “Because they will have a more clear understanding of where they are in the recruiting process, and what the process will likely yield.”

“Our organization was attracted to the software platform, national reach, and customer service of SportsRecruits.”

“Our process will benefit immediately in terms of organization, efficiency, management of player expectations, and ability to promote to a larger database of coaches.”

“Expectations will be managed, goals will be achieved!”

“Our process will benefit immediately in terms of organization, efficiency, management of player expectations, and ability to promote to a larger database of coaches.”

– Jason Hill, Co-owner and Director of Teams

SportsRecruits is a technology solution that automatically organizes the recruiting process for club staff and players. With SportsRecruits, players share their athletic stats, academic transcripts, event schedule and video. The Built-In Messaging System connects the club to every college coach in the country.

The Player-College Connection

The SportsRecruits platform puts the tools needed for success right into the hands of the student-athlete. With the platform, players can organize their target list of schools and personal information, contact coaches and track their progress.

On Deck O’s staff can monitor all of this activity, which ensures that players are doing their part in the recruiting process.

“The SportsRecruits platform will help our players take ownership of their recruiting processes,” said Jason Hill. “And will help our club better aid each player in identifying options and discovering the best overall academic, athletic and social fit for college.”

“I am also very excited about the enhanced ability our organization will have to expose and connect our players to college coaches all over the country,” said Hill.

Using the SportsRecruits platform, players can communicate with any coach in the country. Why is this important? When it comes to recruiting, player success is directly correlated with initiative. The platform puts players in direct contact with college coaches. They can look up any school in the country, and contact its coach within the same browsing session. In a space where tradition has players divorced from their recruiting processes, this is a big deal.

“This integration with SportsRecruits will allow us to balance our desire to honor the team aspects of baseball,” said Jason Hill. “While still being able to wrap our efforts and services around each individual in the program.”

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About On Deck O’s

The Staff at On Deck Baseball & Softball Academy includes master teachers of the games of baseball and fastpitch softball. On Deck instructors recognize the short-term and long-term benefits of working hard to maximize one’s ability in order to accomplish team and individual goals, while forging lifelong relationships and memories.

Their staff takes great pride in creating a highly structured and comfortable learning atmosphere that promotes respect, accountability, good habits and commitment. As teachers, they constantly assess strengths and weaknesses, document progress, and motivate each player to exceed their own expectations.

At On Deck, young people are led through an established program that customizes instruction and requires positive conformity, as it teaches the mastery of fundamentals and higher level concepts. Most importantly, players have fun and develop an unrivaled love and appreciation for the game!
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About SportsRecruits

SportsRecruits is a platform that provide clubs, players and their families access to every college coach in the country. Club organizations use our platform to empower their players in the recruiting process and oversee their efforts and communication with complete transparency. Connections made on the platform have resulted in commitments to the best academic and athletic institutions across the country. SportsRecruits is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit