A Key to the Process – Uploading Video

Welcome to our “Recruiting Engagement Series,” where we will show how to utilize our platform to make the most of the recruiting process.

General: In order to properly evaluate a student-athlete, a college coach needs to see game footage of the player. While they will want to eventually see a prospect play live before making a decision, the highlight reel is the bait that will make the college coach want to see more. Simply put, video in the world of recruiting is not optional.

Why It Matters: Student-athletes need to provide their footage to a college coach, because it is the only way to get on their radar. It’s true a college coach will need to see you play live, and often that will be at some sort of recruiting event or showcase. However, those events are huge, and there is no way to ensure – even if in attendance – that a coach saw you play. They key is getting on the list of prospects they already have seen on film but want to see play in person. To do this, you must be proactive and send them your reel.

How to Do It: Student-athletes can upload an unlimited amount of video onto their profile. By uploading video to the profile, student-athletes are also providing themselves detailed analytics around the footage, including knowing and being alerted when a school has watched.

[ecko_toggle style=”outline” state=”open” title=”Upload Your Video”]Upload video to your profile here. Once you do, you’ll be able alerted when a college coach views your reel[/ecko_toggle]

Overheard from a College Coach: “While we want to see the player in person, first seeing footage online is a way to ensure we make a point to see the prospect at an event.”

Supporting Statistic: College coaches are 11X more likely to send messages to members with videos on their profile than to those without.


College coaches are 11x more likely to send messages to members with videos on their profile than to those without.

Summary: Video is the bait to get a college coach interested in seeing more of a student-athlete. By providing a college coach with footage, student-athletes are taking proactive steps to forge relationships with college coaches.