Communication is King – Using the Built-In Messaging System

Welcome to our “Recruiting Engagement Series,” where we will show how to utilize our platform to make the most of the recruiting process.

General: Communication is the backbone of the recruiting process. By contacting college coaches, student-athletes forge the relationships on which successful recruitments are built. By reaching out to a college coach, a student-athlete knocks on the door to that program in the recruiting process.

Why It Matters: College coaches are busy. For a student-athlete, reaching out to a program is the only way to put themselves on the radar of that school. While attending events and being on a great club team is helpful, it does not ensure a college coach knows about the prospect or their interest. By being proactive and reaching out, a student-athlete takes their game right to the doorstep of the schools they would like to attend.

How to Do It: Using the Built-In Messaging System, student-athletes have access to every college coach in the country. In just a few clicks, members are ready to start a chain with their dream school Do not waste access like that! Take charge! Here is some advice on what to say in your outreach.

Get going and send messages contacting college coaches. Keep your correspondence organized, analyze with data and make your own luck!

Overheard from a College Coach: “We immediately discard form letters. We want to know a student-athlete is interested and knows about not just our program, but school as well.”

Supporting Statistic: Committed members send an average of 70 messages to college coaches.

04_consider-this_sending-msgsCommitted members send an average of 70 messages to college coaches.

Summary: Communication is key in the recruiting process. Student-athletes should be proactive and reach out to college coaches, as it is the only way to ensure they get onto the radar of that program. Never assume a club coach or high school coach is “taking care of it” by using “relationships”. Instead, student-athletes would do well to take charge of the process by contacting college coaches, making interest known, and providing everything needed to be recruited.