Perhaps the biggest X-factor in the recruiting process is video. It is one of the first impressions you make on a college coach. It allows them to evaluate you as a student-athlete and see if you are a fit for their program.

The numbers back up this anecdotal truth.

Athletes on our platform with video are 3X as likely to commit to a school.

While having video is the first step, the key is to utilize it correctly. Here are three steps that will allow you to get the most out of your video and put yourself in the best position possible to achieve your goals.

Spoiler Alert: Getting the video is only step 1!

1. Get It! Obtain Game Footage

The first step in any process is often the most overlooked, and recruiting is no exception. This is especially true when it comes to video.

Simply put, you need game footage before you can move on. The entire process starts here. That means you should make sure to purchase game film from an event you attended (nearly every event uses some sort of filming company nowadays) or have your high school games filmed.

The trick here (as with much of the process collectively) is to be proactive about gathering video. Too often, a family is simply not thinking ahead to creating a video library for use in the recruiting process. Before long, a coach will ask for a highlight reel. Without game footage, the family is left scrambling for older footage, or relying on filming one event where a student-athlete may have a tough game or simply too few chances to make an impression.

Think of it like writing a paper. It is extremely easy to wait until the last minute (he said, typing this post). But really, what results may not be the best work possible. Video is really the same way.

2. Utilize It! Create a Highlight Reel

Now that you have your raw footage, use it.

Stated simply, a highlight reel is the summation of your skills as an athlete in video form. It highlights the best parts of your game.

Knowing your audience is key. On average, a college coach will watch roughly 3-4 minutes of footage. This is typically about 15-20 plays, which should highlight why you are a well-rounded athlete. Anything more is unnecessary, so focus on quality through a solid assortment of plays.

Having a highlight reel is a necessity. It allows you to bring your game to any college coach in the country. It eliminates geographic limitations.

Unless you or someone you know has attended Hogwarts and are a wizard with technology, consider having this reel done professionally. Companies that specialize in the creation of highlight reels will be worth the price, as this ensures your video will be as high quality as possible.

This is your athletic resume, so it is worth not cutting corners. Make it the best it possibly can be.

3. Leverage It! Distribute Your Information

You have a highlight reel! Time to make it go to work for you. The way to do this is through sending your video in a message to a college coach. SportsRecruits makes it easy for a coach to see your video, because a link to your profile and videos is included with every message you send.

Stated simply, video is the most versatile tool you have in your belt. It is the best way to get your foot in the door with a college coach. Video allows you to not just tell coaches about your game, but to show them.

If you are going to an event, the best time to send your video is before the event. Use the video as bait to get the coach interested in seeing you play live.

Video is a necessary component of the recruiting process. Rather than look at it as a hassle, choose to view it as your opportunity to shine.


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