erictaylor2During the recruiting process, you will likely have many conversations and discussions with a number of college coaches.

These may range from Division I to Division III to Club and anywhere in between.

Regardless of your interest in a program, it’s imperative you handle yourself in an appropriate and respectful manner, regardless of your interest in the school.

Here is why.

1. It’s Small

The college coaching community is a tight-knit group. While coaches on the field are rivals, they are very friendly off of it. Many likely played together years ago, came up through the same coaching trees or know each other from the recruiting trail.

2. They Are In Touch

Being a close community, college coaches are in constant communication. They will often consult each other if a recruit may not be a good fit for their program, but think they may be a better fit elsewhere.

As such, it is important that you treat each interaction with a college coach as a chance to make an impression. Be polite, display your passion and most importantly, treat that coach with respect.

3. Reputation Travels

If you are in contact with a school that no longer fits your plans, remember to be thankful and up-front about your intentions. Again, coaches speak often – and they may recommend you to another school if for one reason or another you are not a fit for their program.

Don’t gain a negative reputation!