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Your Club Community: Live Webinar Series

Join the Party SportsRecruits has the largest community of club professionals in youth sports. The SportsRecruits Club Community Webinar Series brings together club administrators, athletic directors, recruiting coordinators, coaches, and directors from all over the country. Webinars afford attendees the opportunity to explore a recruiting topic together. Attendees can pose questions to learn from each

Camps, Clinics, And Prospect Days: Spend Your Time Wisely – Webinar Recap

Camps, clinics, and prospect days play a critical role in a student-athlete’s recruiting process. They can be a great opportunity for exposure or an expensive waste of time. Strategically choosing which prospect days to attend will best set you up for success while saving you any unnecessary costs. This webinar will give you some insight

Crush the Summer Recruiting Circuit: Webinar Recap

 Crush the Summer Recruiting Circuit: Webinar Summary If you're attending showcases, tournaments, and other lacrosse recruiting events this summer and you're still uncommitted, this webinar will tell you everything you need to know to ensure you take the correct steps at this crucial juncture.   In this webinar, we'll show you how. You'll learn: The