The summer circuit is just about over, which means the big recruiting season is just around the corner. September 1st officially kicks off the start of the fall recruiting season.

This webinar will make sure you hit the ground running!


Watch the recap to learn:

  • How to maintain your summer circuit momentum
  • What you need to do to be prepared for September 1st
  • Steps to leveraging your advocates (think: coaches, club staffers, trainers) on and off the field




How long will it take for Division I programs to complete their 2019 recruiting class?

Top Division I programs will have their 2019 recruiting class set between three weeks and two months. The top programs will fill first and the trickle effect will set in.


As a 2019 grad, what can I do to prepare for September 1st?

If you are a DI caliber student-athlete, identify schools that you feel are the best fit for you based on your wants and needs (athletics, academics, social fit, financial fit, location, coaching style, etc.) and see how that compares to the schools that approach you on September 1st. Dig deep into your current target list and have a plan B in case September 1st does not go as planned. Spend the time on research to get a full understanding of the colleges you are considering. Do not lose sight of finding the best fit for you when other schools show interest. Make quick but informed decisions.

As a 2020 or 2021 grad, what should I be doing?

Stay focused on your recruiting process, gather video and create a new highlight reel. Send messages to your target list of schools and continue your research. Be proactive and hold yourself accountable for your recruiting process. The focus will shift to you very soon. Be patient and keep coaches up to date with any changes on your end.

Can my club coach communicate with college coaches?

Club coaches will still be able to talk to college coaches in an evaluative process, but the IWLCA and IMLCA sent their members an email Wednesday that clarified the new rule and its interpretation by the NCAA: “Club and high school coaches may NOT be used to circumvent recruiting contact rules. Direct messaging to PSAs through these third parties is NOT permissible. Communication about verbal offers through these third parties is NOT permissible.”


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