Going into event season prepared is crucial to having a successful recruiting process. Families spend thousands of dollars a year traveling all over the country to go to events. That’s why it is so important that student-athletes are doing all they can to get the maximum exposure at each event they attend.


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What do coaches want to see from student-athletes going to events?

College coaches prepare lists of student-athletes to watch prior to events. It is important to send messages to coaches with your name, number, position, grad year, team name and schedule. During the events, coaches are not just watching your athleticism on the field; they notice the little things as well. How you talk to your parents, how you treat your teammates, and your demeanor on and off the field are all being evaluated. After events, coaches may not reach out to you right away but that does not necessarily mean they are not interested. Be sure to follow up with a thank you note. Former college coach Keefe Gitto even suggests a handwritten thank you note if you had a more personal encounter. This will help you stand out.

What coaches should you reach out to prior to an event?

Through our research, we have found that 80% of committed student-athletes messaged more than 10 schools and 50% of committed student-athletes messaged 30 or more schools. It is important to keep an open mind and create a target list of schools that encompasses reach, fit, and safety schools. Remember if you are messaging only the top 25 schools in the country, almost every other athlete in the country is too. Make sure your list of schools is realistic for you as a student-athlete. We also suggest researching what schools are attending the event so that you can send them a more personal note.

How can I tell what camps, clinic and prospect days are worth going to?

Do your research! We suggest looking at these things in particular:

➤ How many student athletes are attending the event? What grad years are invited?
➤ Is the event hard to find on a schools website? (This may indicate more exclusivity)
➤ How much is it to attend this event?
➤ Do the schools that are attending match up to the schools on your favorites list?

After doing your research on the event in particular, try to plan out how you can get the most out of every trip to an event. We always suggest trying to do a college visit or two while you are in the area of the event. It is always a good idea to make each trip as cost effective as possible.

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