sportsrecruits-co-founderMatt Wheeler co-founded SportsRecruits in 2008, and has been a driving force behind the company’s success. As Co-CEO, Matt oversees all aspects of Technology Development and Marketing. Matt takes great pride in leveraging his experience to provide real value to athletes and their families.

October was an exciting month here in Brooklyn at SportsRecruits HQ! As always, we added a bunch of great club organizations to our platform, processed renewals for existing clubs, added new employees to the team and launched a major product upgrade!

If you are a club not currently on the platform, please sign up for a demo so we can show you around and answer any questions you might have about clubs using SportsRecruits.

Product Updates

We’re constantly evolving our product to provide more value to our customers. We added two highly requested features in October that will make SportsRecruits even more impactful for your club’s recruiting program!

Coaches Can Request Club Recommendations

When a college coach is interested in a student-athlete, the next step is usually to contact the high school and club coaches to learn more about the prospect. We made it easier for college coaches to request a recommendation right from an athlete’s profile, to help facilitate this invaluable communication.

But that’s not all.

Your Athletes Shine

All of our clubs have a fantastic track record of athletes committing to their dream schools, so we built a beautiful new page for clubs to showcase these commitments. Best yet, this page automatically updates each time an athlete commits!

Take a look at some of our top clubs’ commitment pages. Click through to view them live.

Bombers Fastpitch

Munciana Volleyball

Houston Stellar

You can also view all commitments happening platform-wide on SportsRecruits.

Click to see the latest commitments made on SportsRecruits.

New Clubs

This October, we welcomed many new organizations into the SportsRecruits club family. Check out which clubs are staying competitive with SportsRecruits software.

It is not lost on us that technology is a challenge for many youth sports organizations. The entire SportsRecruits team is here to make integrating your club seamless.

  • 2 Girls Volleyball
    Volleyball • 7 Teams
  • Wichita Volleyball Club
    Volleyball • 6 Teams
  • Athena Volleyball Academy
    Volleyball • 5 Teams
  • KC Freedom
    Softball • 5 Teams
  • Advanced Baseball Academy
    Baseball • 5 Teams
  • Arizona Suncats
    Softball • 3 Teams
  • New South Volleyball
    Volleyball • 3 Teams
  • Foundation Performance Academy
    Baseball • 3 Teams
  • Keystone Athletic Boys
    Soccer • 2 Teams
  • Polar Crush Softball
    Softball • 2 Teams
  • Palm Beach Falcons
    Softball • 1 Team
  • Lake Country Crushers Softball
    Softball • 1 Team
  • Lightspeed Gold Fastpitch
    Softball • 1 Team
  • Club Cruz Volleyball
    Volleyball • 1 Team
  • Texas Strike Force Elite
    Softball • 1 Team
  • Michiana Mystique Softball
    Softball • 1 Team
  • Erie Saints
    Basketball • 1 Team
  • Long Island Hurricanes
    Softball • 1 Team
  • Staten Island Saints
    Softball • 1 Team
  • Tri State Arsenal
    Baseball • 75 Athletes
  • Game On Baseball
    Baseball • 40 Athletes
  • Focus Field Hockey
    Field Hockey • 20 Athletes
  • Saint Andrew’s Aquatics
    Swimming • 10 Athletes
  • Pittsburgh Northstars Gymnastics
    Gymnastics • 10 Athletes

Wanna get your eyes on the platform these clubs use?

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Renewing Clubs

I say this all the time, but anybody can buy something once. How many restaurants have you been to that you never go back to? We measure success by the clubs that renew with us.

These clubs have felt the transformative impact that SportsRecruits can have on a club organization. They will be renewing their integrations for the second, third, and fourth consecutive years. They will continue to empower their student-athletes to pursue their dreams. Having 2 (!!) dedicated people at SportsRecruits managing each account ensures success.
Click on the club names to see these club storefronts in action.

  • OTVA
    Volleyball • 26 Teams
  • Munciana Volleyball
    Volleyball • 22 Teams
  • New Hampshire Tomahawks
    Lacrosse • 14 Teams
  • Elevation Volleyball Club (OH)
    Volleyball • 11 Teams
  • Elevation Volleyball Club (CO)
    Volleyball • 10 Teams
  • No Excuse Lacrosse
    Lacrosse • 6 Teams
  • Front Range Volleyball
    Volleyball • 6 Teams
  • Adrenaline Volleyball Academy
    Volleyball • 6 Teams
    Lacrosse • 5 Teams
  • NorCal Volleyball Club
    Volleyball • 5 Teams
  • Maine JuniorsVolleyball • 5 Teams
  • Piedmont Volleyball Club
    Volleyball • 5 Teams
  • Memphis Metro Volleyball
    Volleyball • 5 Teams
  • K2 Volleyball Club
    Volleyball • 5 Teams
  • On Deck O’s
    Baseball • 5 Teams
  • Top Gun Volleyball
    Volleyball • 4 Teams
  • Knights Volleyball Academy
    Volleyball • 3 Teams
  • Southern Kentucky Elite Volleyball Academy
    Volleyball • 3 Teams
  • Loveland Volleyball Club
    Volleyball • 3 Teams
  • Rising Stars Lacrosse
    Lacrosse • 2 Teams
  • Pitbulls Fastpitch
    Softball • 2 Teams
  • Maine Majestix
    Field Hockey • 2 Teams
  • WNY Whalers Field Hockey
    Field Hockey • 2 Teams
  • Santa Monica Dragons
    Lacrosse • 2 Teams
  • SPark Field Hockey Club
    Field Hockey • 1 Team
  • All Out Blaze
    Basketball • 1 Team
  • Viper Volleyball Academy
    Volleyball • 1 Team
  • Albertson Fury
    Soccer • 150 Athletes
  • Metro Lacrosse
    Lacrosse • 104 Athletes
  • Mount Olive Premier
    Soccer • 75 Athletes
  • Hero’s Lacrosse
    Lacrosse • 73 Athletes
  • Houston Texans
    Soccer • 50 Athletes
  • Cardinal Lacrosse Club
    Lacrosse • 39 Athletes
  • A’s Baseball Center
    Baseball • 9 Athletes
  • Ottawa Capitals
  • CT Grizzlies

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New People

While I love our product, I really love our team.

Behind SportsRecruits is a team of people committed to empowering student-athletes to pursue their dreams of playing college sports. Each day, our entire company is working towards that goal.

We’ve gained some talented and passionate people in October. Here is what they’ve observed in their first weeks at SportsRecruits and what excites them the most about helping families through our product.

Customer Success

Alex McVarish, Customer Success Manager


At SportsRecruits, I’m surrounded by people who are working as hard as they can day in and day out to not only ensure that the platform is the best it can be, but that our customers are getting as much as they possibly can out of it.

SportsRecruits gives student-athletes the tools, resources and support they need to succeed in their recruiting efforts, all on their own. Athletes get to take ownership of their athletic and academic futures. I think that’s pretty incredible!


Keefe Gitto, Insights Specialist

Keefe Gitto

It’s clear how seriously every employee at SportsRecruits takes the company mission statement, “empowering student-athletes to pursue their dreams.” Every decision is made with the goal of helping student-athletes succeed.

Many companies in the recruiting space have negative reputations, and it’s clear that everyone at SportsRecruits works hard everyday to change that perception.

Basketball gave me the opportunity to make lifelong friends, learn important lessons, and grow into who I am today. It’s great knowing that I go to work everyday with the goal of helping student-athletes find their dream school.


Alex Castro, Sales Development Representative

Alex Castro

“From the founders to the new hires, there is a visible excitement at the start of each day. Every minute is seen as opportunity for SportsRecruits to help a student-athlete.”

“The Club platform, where athletes, families, and club coaches can be on the same page in the recruiting process, is a game-changer. Giving a club all the resources they need to handle the recruiting process is going to end with athletes having great experiences competing at the collegiate level.”