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Ross Baltimore

The Recruiting Closet Podcast: Episode 5 – The 3 Pillars of Athletic Recruiting

THE RECRUITING CLOSET PODCAST Matt Wheeler breaks down the recruiting process This is a different kind of episode. Unlike the usual episode format, where we interview experts or unique people in the youth sports world, today we have Matt Wheeler, Co-Founder of SportsRecruits. Matt started SportsRecruits in 2009, after playing 4 years of college lacrosse

Country Fire Has Big Plans for SportsRecruits

LIBERTY HILL, TX – July, 2016 – Country Fire Volleyball and SportsRecruits have reached an agreement on a club integration, it was announced today. As part of the agreement, Country Fire Volleyball staff and players will receive access to the innovative suite of tools provided by the recruiting platform. “The SportsRecruits platform is a great