MEMPHIS, TN – August, 2016 – Memphis Metro Volleyball Club and SportsRecruits have reached an agreement on a club integration, it was announced today. As part of the agreement, Memphis Metro staff and players will receive access to the innovative suite of tools provided by the recruiting platform.

“We hope to oversee more closely every stage of recruitment of our players,” said Juraj Okolicany, Director. “If some players are behind in contacting coaches or updating their profiles with club teams, tournament schedules, academic progress, or ACT and SAT scores, we’ll be able to help them.”

“We hope the platform will help players to create better profiles and keep all information (academic and sport-related) in one place,” added Okolicany. “That makes it easier for college coaches to find and connect with our student-athletes.”

Okolicany knows that players and club staffers are not the only parties involved in the recruiting process. Parents play a key role, too.

“SportsRecruits will be a rich tool for parents to research the schools with their kids,” Okolicany noted.

Using Advanced School Search, families can filter colleges for attributes like athletic division, size, academic rigor, acceptance rate, and distance from home.

“The ability to find schools at different distances from Memphis will help families narrow their target list to the ‘right fit’ schools,” remarked Okolicany. “They can find the best school with the preferred size and competition level within a comfortable distance from home.”

When players find the right schools for them, they can contact coaches at those schools within a few taps.

“SportsRecruits makes it easy to connect with coaches,” added Okolicany. “They will have more realistic information about the SAT and ACT requirements the schools have, and they’ll have information about school size, financial support options, and other general info.”

“We are excited! It will make the recruiting process easier to manage for our staff.”

– Juraj Okolicany, Director

SportsRecruits will provide Memphis Metro players and staff with information about every school in the college volleyball universe.

“We will be better informed about player communication with coaches, so we can advise them,” said Okolicany. “For instance, if a player is communicating with a particular school, we’ll know that player is interested and can advise them on the realities of landing a scholarship there.”

“Families will be better educated about their choices and chances to achieve success,” said Okolicany. “Information about colleges will be important for our staff as well.”

“Families will be better educated about their choices and chances to achieve success.”

– Juraj Okolicany

“Memphis Metro wants a solution to put the entire recruiting process in one place,” said SportsRecruits Director, Will Amling. “From school research, to player info, to communicating with college coaches, SportsRecruits is that solution.”

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About Memphis Metro

Memphis Metro Volleyball is the Premiere Junior Olympic Club in the Mid-South. This year, Memphis Metro teams ranked nationally in the 2016 pre-season rankings. The Metro 16 Elite and Metro 17 Elite teams both ranked in the top 100 teams in the country for their age groups.

The club believes that excellence in volleyball starts young, which is why the club has more than 30 teams and training camps spanning ages 3 to 18 years old. For more information, visit
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About SportsRecruits

SportsRecruits is the sport-specific solution built specifically for club sports organizations. SportsRecruits automatically organizes the recruiting process for club staff and players. With SportsRecruits, club staff has complete transparency into every interaction of their players, allowing them to facilitate, guide, and empower the recruiting processes of their student-athletes.

Players build their player profiles with their athletic stats, academic transcripts, event schedule and video. The Built-In Messaging System connects players with every college coach in the country.