Coaches and athletes understand the importance of teamwork on the field. Off the field, teamwork also makes the recruiting process go round. Now, there is research to prove it.

Data Shows: Clubs Drive Athlete Exposure To College Coaches

A recent data analysis of successful clubs ties athlete college exposure to their club’s usage on the recruiting platform.

Simply put, if you are a club staff member looking to help your student-athletes find a college fit, spend more time on SportsRecruits helping them!

This is based on a longitudinal study of the activity of softball club staffers on the SportsRecruits platform.

Top Clubs for Club Activity

Athletes playing for clubs with high login rates received more profile views from colleges than athletes playing for clubs which logged in sporadically. In other words, a club’s activity on SportsRecruits is correlated with the number of looks its athletes get from colleges.


This graph shows the softball clubs which have the highest number of club staff logins. Bombers Fastpitch is in the lead with more club staffers logging into SportsRecruits than club staffers at any other softball club.


Top Clubs for Athlete Engagement


Another metric the study considered was athlete logins. The following graph shows which softball clubs have the most athlete logins.

As you can see, the same clubs with the most staff logins enjoy the highest level of athlete engagement on SportsRecruits. The top three clubs ranked for highest staffer engagement on SportsRecruits (Bombers Fastpitch, Texas Glory Adkins, and Finesse Fastpitch) also rank highest for athlete engagement.


Top Clubs for Athlete Proactivity


This graph indicates which clubs’ athletes have sent the most messages on the SportsRecruits platform. Athletes that routinely login are also the most proactive when it comes to sending emails to college coaches. Which club has the most proactive athletes? Bombers Fastpitch.

Direct athlete outreach to coaches is a key determinant in recruiting success. The following finding should come as no surprise.


Top Clubs for Athlete Exposure


This graph organizes college exposure data for integrated club athletes. In other words, the recruiting wins.

For SportsRecruits athletes, the metric most indicative of college exposure is the profile view. Profile views convey that a college coach sees you.

This graph illuminates which club’s athletes rake in the greatest number of profile views by college coaches. Top clubs for club staffer activity, club athlete engagement, and club athlete proactivity also come in on top for athlete exposure.

The link is clear: greater club coach online activity leads to greater athlete exposure to college coaches.


How Do They Do It?

Recruiting success boils down to coordinated actions between the club, the student-athlete, and college coaches.

What is it that these clubs are doing on SportsRecruits to such consistent successful outcomes? As a club coach, imagine the impact you’d have if you also knew the minimum effective dose to guarantee exposure for your athletes.

These clubs don’t possess secret knowledge. Their secret weapon is SportsRecruits. SportsRecruits prescribes the steps clubs ought to take in order to make their athletes successful.


The Ripple Effect


Club staffers can trigger positive recruiting activity for its athletes with one simple step: logging in to their SportsRecruits account.

Upon logging in, the club staffer sees an activity feed. This activity feed shows the recent activity of the club’s athletes. It also prescribes the exact next steps the club staffer ought to take to nudge its athletes towards action.
One such step is a tag. Tags tell the athlete that a favorited school seems like a good fit. This encouragement gives the athlete the go-ahead to confidently contact that college coach. Think of tagging a school like giving an athlete your blessing to reach out to a college.

Now, the work of the club staffer is done. The ball moves into the athlete’s court.


When an athlete logs in, the athlete sees his activity feed. This feed likewise prescribes the athlete’s next course of action. An athlete sees his club coach’s “tag” at the top of the activity feed. The club coach agrees that this target school is a good fit – time to reach out!

A “message” button is built right into the activity block. An athlete can instantly act on the club’s recommendation by sending that coach a message.

Now, the ball is in the college coach’s court.


College Coach

The college coach receives a message from the student-athlete in his email inbox. Because the athlete’s SportsRecruits profile is automatically linked in the email, the college coach has everything he needs to evaluate the athlete within clicks.
To recap, club staffers engage their athletes online via their mobile phones from the comfort of their homes. The athletes receive notifications which define exactly how to follow up on the guidance. The messages land directly in college coaches’ email inboxes. That’s the beauty of effective teamwork in the recruiting process.


Never Doubt Next Steps Again

Engaging your athletes has never been this easy. Watch the video to see how one click can trigger a cascade of positive recruiting activity for your athletes. Instant impact, instant exposure, instant recruiting gratification.


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