After proof reading countless times, an athlete hits send on their first message to a college coach. The athlete and hovering parent cross their fingers and wait for a profile view and response. “Did we say the right things? Am I even a good fit for this school?” This scenario happens daily on the SportsRecruits platform.

We introduced high fives so that club staff can do their part to ease the anxiety of the recruiting process. With an action as simple as liking a post on Facebook, club staff can communicate to a family “Nice job. You are doing the right thing.” It may seem like a small and insignificant action for the staff, but to an anxious family, it provides the reassurance that they need.

The best coaches provide constant feedback and encouragement on the field. The best clubs provide feedback and encouragement throughout the recruiting process, because they know it takes the same dedication and resilience to be successful.

Another way to guide your athletes on the SportsRecruits platform is with a tag. With our new Activity Feed, this action is easier than ever. Scroll through your athlete’s target list of schools (“favorites”) on your phone, and in one tap you can tag the school as a good fit. The family immediately receives text message and email notifications, alerting them that the school was tagged. This gives families the confidence to reach out to their dream school. The proof is in the data: athletes with tags contact twice as many schools as athletes without this guidance from their club.


It’s never too early or too late to help your families. Pull up the new Activity Feed on your phone and give it a shot!


Check Out the Activity Feed