Simple College Recruiting Plan: Webinar Summary

The college recruiting process feels complex and confusing. It shouldn’t.

The simple fact is, there are 3 steps a high school athlete should be doing to get recruited to play collegiate sports. And they’re not that hard!

In this webinar recap, we tell you what you should be focusing on to get recruited. This method has worked for tens of thousands of athletes who have gone through the collegiate athletic recruiting process and committed to their dream schools on the SportsRecruits platform, and it will work for you.

In the webinar recap, you’ll learn:

  • How 3 college recruiting activities can boost your chances of committing by 52x
  • Why 80% of what you’re doing now is a waste of time
  • How to make your location work for you – no matter where you live
  • An actionable recruiting roadmap

Thanks for watching!