For student-athlete families, choosing a college can seem like a battle between college sports and academic selectivity.

Phil Bogard, father of Maryland commit Peyton Bogard, is no stranger to this problem.

Both the athletic and academic aspects of the college experience offer students numerous rewards. Let’s take a brief look at each.


Sport imposes structure on a student-athlete’s college experience. Juggling classwork with rigorous training demands teaches student-athletes discipline. It forces them to develop command of time-management, and strengthens character. The benefits of playing in college are immeasurable.



While college sports are invaluable for a student-athlete’s development, they are not the holy grail when it comes to preparing for the future. A formative athletic experience does not replace a strong academic foundation when it comes to preparing a student for a successful career beyond college sports.

The Good News

Athletic and academic merit are not mutually exclusive characteristics in a school. You CAN have it all.

The key is to zero in on colleges that offer both.

Use a school search system designed to handle complex criteria. This is the best way to reconcile the distinct needs of athletes and parents.


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