Challenges with the Transfer Process

The NCAA Transfer Portal and recent regulation changes have increased student-athlete mobility, allowing them to transfer colleges without losing eligibility. Accordingly, the transfer process has become central to recruiting: college coaches are searching for comprehensive recruiting information, and transfer student-athletes are looking for ways to manage their process. Furthermore, coaches and student-athletes in NAIA, NJCAA,  and other governing bodies have been on the outside looking in as the NCAA transfer process has undergone considerable changes. 

Driven to support all student-athletes and college coaches to find recruiting success, SportsRecruits has made recent product updates to help college coaches and student-athletes navigate their unique challenges. These new tools are designed to improve student-athlete recruiting exposure and enable an efficient discovery process for college coaches looking for transfer athletes. 

New SportsRecruits Features: Student-Athlete Transfer Indicator and College Coach Discover Feed Filter

Transfer Indicator on Student-Athlete Profiles: Student-athletes can now add a transfer indicator to their Recruiting Profile. This indicator allows college coaches to immediately understand the student-athletes transfer intentions and accurately evaluate them as potential recruits.

College Coach Discover Feed Filter: College coaches can filter directly for transfer student-athletes in their College Coach Discover Feed. By combining additional academic and athletic filters, college coaches can quickly identify prospects that fit their program’s recruiting focus.

The Transfer Process on SportsRecruits: Better for Everyone

SportsRecruits’ tools not only alleviate common challenges but also promote equitable access to transfer athlete recruitment opportunities across all levels of collegiate athletics:

Promoting Equitable Access: The NCAA Transfer Portal access is restricted to only NCAA members. College coaches and student-athletes in NAIA, NJCAA, and other governing bodies can’t access the NCAA Transfer Portal, leaving these prospects and coaches with less support in the transfer recruitment process. SportsRecruits ensures that coaches across all associations and divisions have equal access to discover tools and recruiting information. Furthermore, all types of college transfers can manage their process and seek recruiting opportunities on SportsRecruits – including NAIA transfers, two-year college athletes, and any other college transfer. We strive to level the playing field and drive recruiting connections across the collegiate landscape.

Managing Your Presence as a College Transfer Athlete: Proactively managing a recruiting presence is important for any student-athlete in the recruiting process and is especially critical for college transfer student-athletes. SportsRecruits Recruiting Profiles allow transfer student-athletes to display their transfer intentions while showcasing academic standing, athletic achievements, and personal bio information. These profiles ensure college coaches have all the necessary evaluation and contact information to support recruiting connections. 

Finding The Best Fits for College Coaches and Student-Athletes: Recruiting success means finding the right match – for both student-athletes and college coaches. Many college transfer student-athletes seek a new opportunity that aligns with their needs. The College Research tool helps student-athletes find colleges that fit their academic, athletic, and personal needs. Furthermore, college coaches actively use SportsRecruits to discover and evaluate transfer student-athletes. Advanced filtered searches help college coaches identify the most relevant prospects to make meaningful connections more efficiently. By supporting the search process for everyone, SportsRecruits helps student-athletes land at their best-fit program.


SportsRecruits is addressing the challenges of the college sports transfer process by providing practical tools that enhance visibility for student-athletes and streamline recruitment for college coaches. Through enhancements like a transfer indicator on student-athlete profiles and the new transfer College Coach Discover Feed filter option, SportsRecruits simplifies these connections. This approach ensures that all participants—across various collegiate levels—have access to the information and opportunities necessary for making informed decisions. By focusing on creating exposure for athletes and solving recruitment challenges for coaches, SportsRecruits supports a more efficient and focused recruitment process, helping each student-athlete find the right collegiate program and enabling a better experience for coaches to discover and evaluate potential recruits.