We caught up with Utica College Men’s Lacrosse Coach Sean Behan for a discussion about the Utica lacrosse program and what he looks for when recruiting student-athletes.

You can find our conversation below.

Thanks to Sean for taking the time to educate those interested in Utica College!

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The Conversation

What are you most excited about with regards to your program?

Having the opportunity to compete in one of the best Division III conferences in the country (Empire 8) and utilizing some of the best athletic facilities in Division III with the addition of our brand new Dome facility.

What jumps out at you when recruiting? What do you look for in a player?

Hustle is one of the most important things when it comes to recruiting and getting noticed by a coach. I’m not as concerned with seeing who’s scoring the most goals or points. I love seeing players sell out and make hustle plays like sprinting to the end-line for a ball or picking up a big-time GB! When in doubt, sell out!

What are your “pet peeves” when recruiting?

Bad body language, and being un-coachable. Everyone makes mistakes, but the worst thing you can do is have bad body language after screwing up. Keep your head up and make the next play!

What is the best way interested student-athletes should get in touch with you?

All of our contact information is on our website. Whether it be through email or a phone call, we are always more than happy to speak with prospective student athletes about our program.

How would you describe your coaching style?

Upbeat, fast-paced, run and gun style. Lots of transition from offense to defense, fast and physical. The way the game was meant to be played! If you’re not having fun with it, then you’re doing it wrong!

What kind of players succeed at your program?

Individuals that are willing to work hard and put in the extra time and effort to be successful.

Once again, thanks to Sean for his time, and best of luck to Utica this season!

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