We caught up with Delaware Valley University Men’s Lacrosse Coach Graig Gallo for a discussion about the their lacrosse program and what he looks for when recruiting student-athletes.

You can find our conversation below.

Thanks to Graig for taking the time to educate those interested in Delaware Valley University!

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The Conversation

What are you most excited about with regards to your program?

Our potential – this is only our 3rd year as a program and I feel like we are now ready to compete for a conference championship.

What jumps out at you when recruiting? What do you look for in a player?

Athleticism and consistent effort – we want to play at a high tempo and that requires high levels of athleticism and the players who are committed to playing that way for 60+ minutes.

What are your “pet peeves” when recruiting?

Attackmen who don’t ride hard, it’s a lost art.

What is the best way interested student-athletes should get in touch with you?

Personalized email, I will reach back out to anyone who sends something personal.

What should student-athletes avoid in their messaging to college coaches?

Anything very obviously generic and mass. For instance, emails where everyone is BCC’d and a “dear coach” at the top.

How would you describe your coaching style?

Highly energetic, but very positive.

Walk us through your timeline when recruiting a student-athlete?

We begin reaching out to prospective student athletes during the fall of their junior years. From there we invite them to campus and try to learn more about them as people. We do not push for early commitments, recruiting is not a “race” it is about finding the correct fit.

What kind of players succeed at your program?

Blue collar workers. Players who understand that in order for us to be great, it takes more work than just the two hours we are at practice. The more they have a drive the more successful we are as a team.

Tell us about your transition from player to college coach?

My first coaching job was actually at a rival school from the one I played at. It was a strange transition coaching people I played against (some older than me) but a great one. I am still very close with that first team I ever coached.

What’s your recruiting strategy going into an event? After an event?

We still do not have a “name brand” yet that attracts student athletes off reputation alone. Because of that we go into events with an open mind looking to find any student athletes that we think fit our team as players. The recruiting process is then used to see if they fit our team as people.

Once again, thanks to Graig for his time, and best of luck to Delaware Valley University this season!

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