Welcome to the fourth installment of SR 101, a video series where a member of our staff will show you a specific portion of our platform and how it works.

Think of this column like a cheat sheet for those who prefer video to reading about things, even if that written content is astute, educational and/or written by me.

This week’s video: Episode 4 – Stats Dashboards

Topic: In this video, our Account Manager, Blair, will show you how club staff can monitor player engagement in the recruiting process both individually and throughout the entire organization.

How It Helps: At the core of the recruiting process is student-athlete engagement. They will be the ones attending school, and as a result, should be driving the process. However, often some assistance will be needed. The Stats Dashboards allow club staffers to monitor recruiting activity – things like messages sent to coaches, which college coaches are viewing video and academic information, and more.

By utilizing this dashboard, club staffers can interject where necessary, and ensure their help is tangibly seen as the student-athlete goes through the process. The club benefits because no player can slip through the cracks; while student-athletes can proceed with confidence knowing their staff is actively engaged in the process every step of the way.

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