Strictly from an logistical standpoint, running a club organization can be very challenging – and that is prior to considering the enormous burden placed upon a club by families for recruiting expertise.

Reaching out to college coaches on behalf of players is now part of the job. Keeping up with the amount of emails and messages on a daily basis can present a real challenge.

However, there are alternatives that can help you and your families stay organized while providing a layer of transparency previously absent from the recruiting process. We’ll examine in our Problem/Solution format.

Problem: In keeping with the recruiting needs of families, club staffers are often tasked with reaching out to college coaches. However, this process can be quite more complicated than it sounds thanks to gaps in communication.

For example, a club staffer can reach out to a college coach on behalf of a player, but not have the relevant attachments needed for the college coach – things like a highlight reel or academic transcript. If the player is too young for the college coach to reach out to directly, this may mean a separate email for the club staffer asking for that player’s information, or even encouraging the player to contact the coach on their own. But this can create delays, and for college coaches operating under deadlines or trying to fill positions, this may mean a missed opportunity for the student-athlete.

Solution: On our platform, the Built-In Messaging System alleviates all of these concerns while adding an additional level of transparency. Club staffers can send a message to a college coach, and utilizing the “Link-To” functionality on the site, automatically include the profile of their student-athlete, which contains all of the relevant information the college coach will need on that player to evaluate them.

Student-Athletes and their families can see a club staffer’s assistance in action, without the annoyance of a back-and-forth asking for attachments and other information. In addition, they can view when their information has been viewed – providing real-time insights into the process.

Ultimately, this tool allows communication loops to be closed while helping everyone to stay organized and on the same page.