Here are some frequently asked questions about how integrated club staffers use our platform to assist the student-athletes in their organization.

Q: What types of goals should I set for my players?

A: Asking players to complete their profile to the best of their ability by the end of their first week on the platform has proven to be a best-practice. Following that request, platform-specific requests – such as having a player “Favorite” a list of 20 schools – will not only ensure integration, but will also open the door for you to assist them via the “Tag” feature on the site. Sending a weekly reminder to your players about these features will not only ensure their integration, but will immediately allow you to begin assisting them using the platform.

Q: How do I message my players through the site?

A: Simply log into your account and click on any of the “Message” icons. Then, select “Compose Message” if you want to message a single player, or “Blast Message” if you want to email a team or all players, write your note, and click send! Your players will be notified by email (and text should they opt-in to this feature). They will be able to see your message, but will be prompted to log in to send a reply, reinforcing the notion that everything recruiting related should reside in the platform.

Q: How do I “Tag” schools for my players on the site?

A: There are a few ways to “Tag” schools for your players. You can do so when you are viewing a player’s profile, when you are viewing a college’s profile, or when you are viewing your “Tagged Schools” page.

Q: What are the best practices when using the “Tag” feature?

A: This feature is one of the best and most versatile tools we offer. It has been used successfully as a way for clubs to aid younger players as they are developing their lists of target schools. It has also been used as a way to engage players to contact certain schools within a specific time period. The tool can be tailored to your club’s individual needs and goals.

Q: How do I message a college coach on behalf of a player?

A: You can easily send a college coach a message through the site providing that coach with a link to that player’s profile by using our “Link-To” feature. When you are composing a message, enter the school you would like to contact, select the coaches you would like to contact from that program, and then click on the Link-To field. Here, you can select the player or players that you would like to recommend, and a link to the player or player’s profiles will automatically be included in your message.

Q: Does a player know I have contacted a coach on their behalf?

A: The players will not know when you communicate with a college on their behalf. By providing the link to your player’s profile, however, you are not only providing the coach with the information they will need to recruit that player housed on his/her profile, but you will also be able to track the clicks of the coach on the included links.