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After a thrilling scrimmage against Brunswick on Tuesday – a 7-6 overtime decision for the Cardinals – head coach Scott Bulkley was kind enough to join us to talk about the contest.

Coach Bulkley hit on a variety of topics, including his team’s play against Brunswick, their preseason preparations and their mindset in advance of next week’s regular season opener against FCIAC rival Ridgefield.

Click the video on the right to see the full interview, and read more below for a full transcript.

On how his team played against Brunswick:

One of the things we talked about was ‘don’t be satisfied with really good play; and don’t be satisfied with really bad play.’ We did some really good things, and we did some really bad things. But what I am happy with is that we just kept plugging away and kept fighting. We got a lead, but Brunswick – who I though executed two good plays at the end of the game – tied it to get it into overtime. [In overtime] we had the ball and turned it over. They had the ball and we played good defense. Our goalie William stood on his head today and kept us in the game when we were making a lot of mistakes. He showed why he was a senior captain. He was really the reason we won this game today. I tip my cap Coach Bruce and Brunswick. They are a very good and well-coached team. We were lucky just to be in it thanks to William, and we took our opportunities at the end and canned them.

Coach Bulkley textOn the value of scrimmaging a variety of teams with different styles in the preseason:

It’s a good mixture. You have some in Westchester with Bronxville. Today we played Brunswick, which is a very good private school, and then we go out to Long Island (to play Manhasset). It is a good test of different types of play so that we are prepared going into the FCIAC and the rest of Connecticut. We head back out and play Chaminade later in the season. So getting a good look at Manhasset will give us a good idea of how well we have to play to beat a team like Chaminade. We are going to have to play really well to do that. We are still working on some things – our clearing and our substitutions – and we have some guys injured. So really right now what we are hoping to do is just be more consistent. I think that we took a huge step forward today. We were very consistent on offense. I thought our defense played very well. And again, I thought [goaltender] William played exceptional. If we can be more consistent and get some of these guys who are hurt back, we are just going to get stronger.

On the value of having players who have game experience:

I keep telling them that you have to keep taking steps forward and keep getting better. Keep getting to the next level. A lot of times last year we just asked the guys not to turn the ball over and not make a mistake. This year we are asking them to make plays. It is a big difference from one year to the other. But they got experience, they know what it takes to do that, and you have seen a lot of these guys who last year were just role players really step up and be some players for us and guys we are going to lean on.

On the expectations of his team this season:

We want to be playing our best ball at the end of the season. I was talking to [Ridgefield head coach] Roy Colsey yesterday and we were saying how tough it was to face each other the first game of the season. While we both want to win, but I don’t think that is going to determine if we are going to have a good season or not. But it does give you an idea of how you have to be ready for every game. Our first game, our second game – they are all hard. We have to be ready to play every single day and in every single game. If we do that, and we keep getting better, we will be ready when the playoffs roll around.

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