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After a competitive scrimmage with Greenwich on Tuesday – a 7-6 overtime defeat for the Bruins – head coach David Bruce was kind enough to join us to talk about the contest.

Coach Bruce hit on a variety of topics, including his team’s play against Greenwich, their victory over Kent Denver (CO) last week in Florida and the team’s preparation for national power Deerfield this Saturday.

Click the video on the right to see the full interview, and read more below for a full transcript.

On the scrimmage with Greenwich and the thoughts on how his team played:

First of all, I think score matters in this one a little bit [laughs] – these guys all go out to dinner with each other and they are friends and cross-town rivals. We would have liked to have that last goal. But it was a lot of fun. Obviously a competitive scrimmage like that will get us ready for our league play, which starts up on Saturday.

On the victory over Kent Denver (CO) last week in Florida:

Last year we lost to them in three overtimes. With a young team, you need to have a little bit of confidence going into the season. Having a 1-0 record into our league is a lot easier to deal with than 0-1 with Deerfield coming in. We are young. We have some leadership in some key positions – goalie and at the faceoff with some seniors popping in here or there. So we have some leadership. We have some question marks – and probably will be going into the Deerfield game. It really comes down to how the young guys react to the big stage and how they will handle that.

Bruce - TextOn facing Deerfield – a team that has defeated them by one goal in each of the last two seasons – and the preparation leading up to the game:

Obviously we would have liked to win, but today was honestly about Saturday and preparing for Deerfield. We have never beaten them. The seniors know that this is their last chance. We have taken down bit-by-bit different teams we have struggled with over the years, and this is sort of that last hump. They are loaded, as always, so it will take a perfect effort from us. We certainly have a team that can do it – but it is going to take a perfect week of practice.

On what he expects from his team this season:

We are not going to win every game. That would be hard to do with any team. We are not going to lose every game, either. So it is really how they react the following practice day. We have two games a week we have to get up for. There are no easy games that we can coast through; take a week off to get ready for a big game. Every game is winnable for us – but every game we can lose. I am interested to see and am hoping we react the right way after a tough game. I am hoping we react the right way if we play very well and come out with a win.

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