Luke PellizziHow was your experience?
Absolutely enlightening, “paved the way” for us and provided us the platform we needed to take my son’s recruitment to the next level.

Was easy to use?
The website was extremely easy to use. provides easy to use instructions that anyone can follow. Computer literate or not!

Was the staff helpful to you throughout the process?
You were there every step of the way, right down to dropping off the DVD’s. I can’t thank you enough!!

What was the college coaches response to your profile?
Because it was so comprehensive the emails from College Coaches began immediately. They loved it!

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Would you recommend to a friend that wants to play college lacrosse?
100% It is an essential tool in the recruiting process. It provides all the required information that the College Coaches need and ask for right down to the videos. I 100% endorse

-Bill & Luke Pellizzi/Towson 2011