Jess LibertyOn the experience:

Thanks for everything and all your help. Jess would not be done by now if it were not for

The site was very easy to use and the ease of use made it simple to contact a number of colleges with individual notes as opposed to bulk e-mail’s which a lot of school see through. While I would never call the recruiting process enjoyable, helped us build Jess’s highlight, which was well worth the price of admission on its own.

I had upgraded to the Gold Package just for the video services. The video was done professionally and completed in time to send to school before last summers tournament/camps. From the reel, many schools were able to see Jess’s level of play and follow-up with seeing her play in person where they were ableo to focus on other factors such as teammate/coach interactions, hustle, etc. Some people still do not see the value of the highlight reel, but I could not be a bigger supporter. The highlight reel and/or game video is something a coach can always refer back to after they see you play in person.

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From the customer service point of view you guys were great. Most of the questions I had were explained on the site and the only e-mails we had to send is when we needed to get the video tape made and you guys were great letting us know were to send everything. Great Job!

While we sent out all the messages through the messaging system, most coaches responded directly to Jess’s email address. All comments were very positive as to her profile, which included the video link as well as the transcripts we attached. I can honestly say with all the information we were able to put on the site we had very little requests for additional information outside of Summer game schedules.

I would absolutely and have recommended to parents of teammates. There are a lot of people who will charge you a lot of money to provide you with the information needed to market a player as a college recruit but your service provides the actual tool and guidance to get a player on the radar screen.

Thank you,
Daniel Liberty