Ryan DeSimoneOn the SportsRecruits.com experience:

I just wanted to drop you an email and tell you without SportsRecruits the process of Ryan finding a perfect fit for him would not have been possible.

While he had the opportunity to play lacrosse with the Long Island Express which enabled him to be seen, it was the SportsRecruits website which enabled us to tell all the coaches where he would be playing.

He would use the SportsRecruits website to keep coaches updated to even what field we would be on the next day. The player profile was essential to the process to allow the coaches access to his transcripts, stats and awards. It made it easy to provide coaches with the answers to all the information they were looking for on the questionnaires. Again, thank you and I’m looking forward to using it again with my 11 year old in a few years.

Joe DeSimone

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