New York (July 27, 2023) – SportsRecruits, the leading college recruiting network, announced its partnership and upcoming integration with Balltime, an AI-powered video and analytics platform for volleyball. The integration will be live in time for the upcoming volleyball season, allowing athletes to seamlessly share their highlights with college coaches on the SportsRecruits network.

Balltime is a team of passionate volleyball players, set out to democratize access to pro-level video and analytics tools using AI. The team is backed by some of the biggest names in the sport, including Phil Dalhausser, Carli Lloyd, Zoe Fleck, Taylor Crabb, and Stein Metzger. Balltime is the first-ever software to use AI to automatically tag, clip, and generate stats from any volleyball footage. The product is 100% powered by a proprietary AI model, trained on thousands of hours of footage from all levels of play.

“If you want to see the future in elite youth sports, you just need to look at what’s happening at the professional level,” said Mike Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of SportsRecruits. “From video analytics to training and nutrition, as technology drives down costs, adoption at the college and high school level follows. Balltime’s AI-powered video and analytics platform is at the forefront of innovation and is the epitome of this trend. We’re thrilled for Balltime to join our video integration ecosystem as we continue to drive the future of college recruiting.”

The relationship between the two companies began with an introduction from a mutual customer, urging a collaboration. After a handful of calls straddling the New York and Tel Aviv time zones, it was clear that there was an opportunity to partner. Conversations continued at the SportsRecruits hosted Top Golf happy hour during the AAU Junior National Championships, and the vision was further validated by many of the clubs in attendance. The path forward was quickly cemented.

Dan Banon, Co-Founder and CRO of Balltime, closed with the following. “There are incredible synergies between our solutions: Athletes get the easiest way to create recruiting videos on Balltime, and can maximize exposure by seamlessly sharing them with college coaches on the SportsRecruits network.”

SportsRecruits and Balltime customers will be notified when the integration becomes available later this year.

About SportsRecruits

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About Balltime

Balltime is the next generation Video & Analytics platform for Volleyball, entirely powered by AI. Created by volleyball players, our mission is to democratize access to Pro Level Video & Analytics tools and to help athletes in the recruiting process. Individual Families, High Schools, Youth Clubs, and Collegiate Programs all use Balltime’s platform to easily break down film, view stats & analytics, and create highlight videos to power their recruiting journeys. Balltime is headquartered in Tel Aviv and backed by some of the biggest names in the sport (Phil Dalhausser, Carli Lloyd, Zoe Fleck, Taylor Crabb, Stein Metzger).