Player Video and Highlights Can Be Easily Added to Student-Athletes’ Profiles, Keeping College Coaches And Scouts Engaged And Updated With New Talent

New York, NY, Atlanta, GA, May 15, 2023 Pixellot, the world’s leading provider of automated sports video and analytics solutions, and SportsRecruits, the premier college recruiting network, signed an agreement that will enable athletes to seamlessly share their Pixellot video with college coaches on the SportsRecruits network.

The growth of the SportsRecruits network has been driven by the increased accessibility of high-quality video. Now, Pixellot’s innovative technology – which captures high-quality video feeds of all the games – will enable teams and athletes to automatically have access to all the action, at a fraction of the cost of hiring videographers. This will further accelerate the movement towards video-first recruiting strategies by the top college programs and make it better and more cost-effective for schools and athletes alike to find the right fit.

There are over 30,000 Pixellot systems installed that produce and stream upwards of 10,000 games a day. The automatically created game video and highlights that Pixellot produces will streamline the process of sharing game reels and player highlights with college coaches. The new integration will democratize the opportunities for every student athlete and enable them to gain interest from colleges that they are interested in applying to. 

“SportsRecruits is dedicated to improving transparency and accessibility in the recruiting process,” said Mike Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of SportsRecruits. “The network has facilitated millions of connections between athletes and college coaches across the country, without the prohibitive cost of more travel. The upcoming integration eliminates one more obstacle between an athlete and their best-fit school.”

“We’re excited to announce this new partnership between Pixellot and SportsRecruits that will greatly benefit both college coaches as well as the athletes themselves” said David Shapiro, President of North America at Pixellot. “The automatically created video and highlights enables young talent not only to improve their talent – it also helps schools and athletes find the right match in a very easy, cost-effective manner. “

About SportsRecruits

SportsRecruits is a network that connects clubs, athletes and their families with every college program in the country. Club organizations use our platform to empower their athletes in the recruiting process and oversee their efforts and communication with complete transparency. Connections made on the platform have resulted in commitments to the best academic and athletic institutions across the country. SportsRecruits is headquartered in New York City.


About Pixellot

Founded in 2013, Pixellot is the world’s largest producer of live sports content. Pixellot pioneered the concept of automated sports production solutions as an affordable alternative to traditional video capture, production, and distribution systems for professional and semi-professional sports events. In 2019 the company acquired VidSwap, a leading sports analytics platform serving thousands of teams. Today Pixellot’s AI-Automated technology solutions streamline production workflows, fully automating live sports capture, distribution, analysis, and monetization for over 150,000 games per month from over 70 countries. To date, Pixellot technology has powered some 3 million live games from over 27,000 fields and courts around the world!

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