On February 17th, the NCAA Division I Council Coordination Committee decided to extend the recruiting dead period (as defined in NCAA Bylaw through May 31st. This means that there is no in-person recruiting between Division I college coaches and prospective student-athletes until that date. The Committee will continue to monitor the situation closely.

The committee also included that they are “committed to providing clarity on plans for the transition back to recruiting calendars, including potential modifications for the return to in-person recruiting activity, no later than April 15th.”

 Here is a link to the full announcement from the Division I Council.

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What about DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA?

To learn about these organizations and their updates regarding COVID-19 and how it is affecting the recruiting process, please refer to our updated graphic below:

What Should I Be Doing?

With the dead period continuing to get extended it is important to not slow down your recruiting process. There are many things that you can be doing to ensure you are continuing to progress.

  1. Stay Healthy: The most important thing that you can do is stay healthy. To learn more about preventative measures you can visit the World Health Organization website.
  2. Make Sure Your Recruiting Profile is up to Date: Division I College coaches are unable to evaluate athletes on the field or court right now.  It is time to make sure you are using technology to your advantage. College Recruiting profiles like the SportsRecruits profile are a way for college coaches to assess you from afar.
  3. Update Your Videos: Because college coaches cannot see you in person, video is the perfect way for college coaches to see you play.  Make sure you update any highlight reels or skills videos as well as make sure you have raw game film up on your profile for college coaches to see. If you do not have any new footage, you can create a skills video, cardio video, etc.
  4. Catch Up on Your Messages with Schools: College coaches are still allowed to recruit by written correspondence as well as telephone calls. Review your past messages with college coaches and be sure to reach out with any updates about your season, your video, or your academics. If you are unsure of where you stand with a program, now would be a good time to ask the coach where they are in their recruiting process, and if you would be a good fit.
  5. Talking To Your Coach About Your Favorite List of Schools: This is a good time to reassess your list of schools. With a dead period in place, you can take a little time to do the research on the schools you are interested in and send them over to your coach for feedback.
  6. Make Sure You’re on the lookout for any upcoming announcements by the NCAA and the Programs you are interested in: The Committee announced that April 15th is when they anticipate formally announcing any changes to the recruiting calendars. Keep this in mind as you look to sign up for prospect camps and clinics that may be announced in the near future!

How can I Stay up to Date on Important Announcements?

Follow SportsRecruits on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook where we will be posting important recruiting updates as information changes. You can also follow the Inside the NCAA Twitter channel,  the NJCAA Twitter and the NAIA COVID Updates page where they have been posting updates in real-time. Lastly, check out the NCAA website for additional updates and resources.

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Mike Babich is one of the Insights Analyst at SportsRecruits. Mike has experience in collegiate athletics as a former football student-athlete at Mount Ida College, as well as a Graduate Assistant and Assistant Football Coach at Long Island University. He also served in the role of an Admissions Counselor for two years at Molloy College in Rockville Centre, New York. He has a passion for helping student-athletes better navigate and understand the recruiting process.

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