December 18, 2019 – As we head into the fourth year of our partnership, SportsRecruits is excited for the opportunity to highlight one of our original clubs, On Deck Academy. As part of the agreement, On Deck O’s student-athletes have been successfully utilizing the best-in-class sports recruiting technology for over three years. The SportsRecruits platform provides On Deck O’s the ability to stay informed with each of their student-athletes’ college recruiting processes, from start to finish. We caught up with Jason Hill, Co-owner of On Deck Academy, about entrusting SportsRecruits to help their student-athletes compete at the next level and how it’s improved their ability to lead their athletes through the recruiting process.

Why did you initially choose to integrate with SportsRecruits?

“As On Deck Academy moved toward 20 years of service to its amateur baseball community, we were looking for a way to better organize and promote the developmental progress and achievements of the student-athletes participating in our On Deck O’s Team Program. We were very confident in our developmental program and our ability to offer our players exposure, but we were in search of a new way to highlight our players’ talents before they stepped on the field in front of college coaches. SportsRecruits offered us that platform and more!”

How do you utilize SportsRecruits as a coach/director?

“Our staff uses SportsRecruits as a tool that initiates and supports a highly interactive process for college identification and research, internal communication and guidance, and external communication to college coaches from our players and our staff. Our players benefit from the ownership they are required to implement in the creation and management of their own profiles, including video and both academic and athletic achievement; while our staff enjoys being able to promote these hard working young people and their talents through weekly engagement with this second-to-none online platform.”

What was one of the biggest issues with recruiting before SportsRecruits? How has SportsRecruits impacted those issues?

“The entire process is completely watered down! There are so many teams and so many events every weekend all over the country. Amateur baseball has become a billion-dollar industry so there are countless facilities, academies, and team organizations out there trying to carve out their place in a very crowded landscape. This also includes all of the recruiting services and individual showcase organizations running camps. I do not envy the position of college coaches who have to sift through endless lists of prospects, emails, texts, videos, and then try to decide where to go each week during the recruiting season. SportsRecruits provided our players and staff with a platform for posting and sharing accurate information about players with colleges that were potentially a realistic fit academically and athletically. While our program will always honor the game’s demand that team comes first and it is imperative to play that way, we recognize that aspects of the developmental process, as well as the recruiting process, need to be wrapped around the individual. SportsRecruits helped us streamline the recruiting process and better serve our players.”

About On Deck Academy

The On Deck O’s are one of the top showcase baseball organizations on the east coast. The staff at On Deck Academy takes great pride in teaching young players to respect the game and value the team concept, while providing unrivaled individual skill development and exposure.
The On Deck O’s have been fielding top level teams in the Charlotte area since 2000. Over 500 baseball and softball players have graduated from the On Deck program, earning the opportunity to play at the collegiate level and beyond.

About SportsRecruits

SportsRecruits is a college recruiting website that empowers high school student-athletes to pursue their dreams of playing at the next level by offering the tools and guidance to streamline the college recruiting process. Members develop and maintain a recruiting profile with their academic transcripts, test scores, event schedule, highlight videos, and much more. Using the Built-In Messaging System, members are able to contact their target list of schools in just a few clicks and track which schools are looking at their information.


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