Both the USAV Girls Junior National Volleyball Championships and the 46th AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships Volleyball Championships wrapped up earlier this summer. These tournaments give volleyball clubs across the country an opportunity to play against the top competition possible broken down by age group. At SportsRecruits HQ in NYC, we are closely monitoring the results as we are fortunate to have so many volleyball clubs competing at the highest levels. 

The clubs below are powered by SportsRecruits and received top 3 honors. If you are an athlete interested in SportsRecruits, you can sign up free here.

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USAV 14 Open 

AAU 14 Club 

USAV 15 American 

USAV 15 Open 


AAU 15 Aspire 

AAU 15 Club 

AAU 15 Open

USAV 16 American 

USAV 16 National 

USAV 16 Open 

USAV 16 Patriot 


AAU 16 Aspire 

AAU 16 Club 

AAU 16 Open 

AAU 16 Premier 

USAV 17 American

USAV 17 National

USAV 17 Open

USAV 17 Patriot


AAU 17 Aspire

AAU 17 Classic

AAU 17 Club 

AAU 17 Open

AAU 17 Premier 


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