Building your target list of schools can be intimidating. Where do I start? How many should I favorite? How do I keep track of all of these schools? Fortunately, the Schools section on your SportsRecruits profile streamlines the ability to search for and keep track of your target list of schools. In this webinar SportsRecruits Recruiting Analysts Chris Ruhl and Emily Wetz discuss the importance of your Favorites List and how to best use the features on your SportsRecruits Profile to keep things organized!

On this webinar we discuss:

For additional assistance and tips on navigating through the Schools section of the SportsRecruits platform, check out this article!


Can college coaches see my Favorites List?

No, your Favorites List is only accessible by users of your account. This includes the student-athlete, parents/guardians, and members within your organization who are granted that access. It is completely up to the student-athlete how he/she wants to organize the schools on his/her Favorites page, but rest assured, college coaches will not be able to see where they fall and how they are categorized on your list.


How many schools should be on my Favorites List?

This really depends on how you want to attack your recruiting process. We recommend starting with whatever seems reasonable to you; enough schools that allow you to “cast a wide net” but not too many to where it becomes overwhelming. Often, this number begins around 25-30 schools for families just starting their search. However, if that seems like too many to start, then shoot for 10-15. If 25-30 schools are too few to encompass all of the schools you want on your list, go for more! Some users will favorite over 100 schools! As long as you are not overwhelmed, there is no downside to favoriting too many schools.
The important thing to remember is your Target List is fluid; it can and will change throughout your recruiting process. Your list today may look completely different than your list one month from now. That’s why it’s called a “process”! As you learn more about the schools on your list and the ones that are not, don’t be hesitant to refine that list!

How do I learn more about a particular school?

Every school on the SportsRecruits platform has its own program-specific profile page. This page offers the basic information you would need to know when initially considering a program. This information includes but is not limited to committed athletes, coaching staff information, student-to-faculty ratio, calendar system, acceptance rate, average SAT/ACT test scores, application requirements, cost of tuition, and majors available.
Sure, you could look up this information online, but it would probably take 5-6 different websites and 10X the amount of time than using what SportsRecruits already has provided for you!

How do I know if a school is the right fit?

There is a lot to be said about your “gut instinct” when analyzing what school is the right fit for you. Visits to campus, conversations with coaches, and interactions with current teammates are things that can make that gut instinct a little more clear. In the meantime, there is a set of criteria that you should feel confident with when determining if a school is the right fit. For each school on your list ask yourself, does this school fit my needs:

  • Academically
  • Athletically
  • Socially
  • Geographically
  • Financially

Many student-athletes don’t look any further than their desires athletically. Keep in mind, choosing a college is not a four-year decision, it is a forty-year decision. Does this school have the field of study you are interested in? Is it too close/too far from home? Can I travel abroad during my time here? What are my thoughts on student loans? Be sure to consider if a school is your wholistic fit, not just an athletic fit.


Where can I tune into more webinars?

Feel free to check out our brand new Webinar Page to view previous webinars or register for upcoming sessions! You can also explore our blog or YouTube Channel for more recruiting resources.