Whether you are just starting to go through the process or you have already been talking to colleges coaches, it is crucial to understand the essential elements that can make up a successful recruiting roadmap for you and your family. SportsRecruits Recruiting Analysts Chris Ruhl and Emily Wetz discuss a general recruiting roadmap for student-athletes and their families. They will be discussing a variety of topics to ensure you find the right fit!

Watch the webinar to learn about

  • Building your Target List of Schools
  • Messaging College Coaches
  • Video
  • Advocates
  • In Person Evaluations
  • Campus Visits



What do I say to a college coach? Do you have a template that I can reference?

Here is a link to some tips on what to say to a college coach. Here is a template that we have for student-athletes to reference. Remember colleges coaches want to hear from you, not us, so make sure you personalize this letter and make it sound like you.

What do coaches want to see from student-athletes going to events?

College coaches prepare lists of student-athletes to watch prior to events. It is important to send messages to coaches with your name, number, position, grad year, team name and schedule. During the events, coaches are not just watching your athleticism on the field; they notice the little things as well. How you talk to your parents, how you treat your teammates, and your demeanor on and off the field are all being evaluated. After events, coaches may not reach out to you right away but that does not necessarily mean they are not interested. Be sure to follow up with a thank you note. Former college coach Keefe Gitto even suggests a handwritten thank you note if you had a more personal encounter. This will help you stand out.

What do college coaches want to see in terms of video?

Depending on the sport this can vary but the most common videos that college coaches watch are highlight reels and skills videos. We also suggest adding one of your best raw videos you have too so that coaches can see you play unedited. Here are more tips on building a highlight reel.

What coaches should you reach out to prior to an event?

Through our research, we have found that 80% of committed student-athletes messaged more than 10 schools and 50% of committed student-athletes messaged 30 or more schools. It is important to keep an open mind and create a target list of schools that encompasses reach, fit, and safety schools. Remember if you are messaging only the top 25 schools in the country, almost every other athlete in the country is too. Make sure your list of schools is realistic for you as a student-athlete. We also suggest researching what schools are attending the event so that you can send them a more personal note.

How much money can a college give you for an athletic scholarship?

It depends on the program and the division. While the NCAA gives out about $2.9 billion a year in athletic scholarships, according to College Board, Athletic Scholarships only make up a little over 1% of the $183.9 billion in financial aid given to students each year. It is important to look at other financial aid options as well! Other kinds of aid include: financial aid, merit aid and local/state/federal aid. College Board and Khan Academy have some great free resources for families on aid.

Where can I tune into more webinars?

You can find our free webinar schedules here. You can also explore our blog or YouTube Channel for more recruiting resources.