We caught up with Saint Lawrence University Men’s Lacrosse Coach Stefan Sloma for a discussion about the Saint Lawrence lacrosse program and what he looks for when recruiting student-athletes.

The Conversation

What are you most excited about with regards to your program?

In the short time that I have been on campus here in Canton (N.Y.), I am most excited about the opportunity to work with a group of young-men and coaches who have built a first-class culture of athletic and academic excellence.

How would you describe your coaching style?

I would describe my coaching style as a “players coach.” Being a younger coach, I use my knowledge of social trends and current events to relate with my players and create a personal bond with each of them. From there I am able to use that relationship to foster a mentor role for my players.

What jumps out at you when recruiting? What do you look for in a player?

When I am recruiting I am looking for a high level of energy and effort. In my eyes, those are the two things that separate a good player from a great player.

What are your “pet peeves” when recruiting?

One of my biggest “pet peeves” when recruiting is when someone takes a play off or doesn’t finish a play strong. Players need to understand that they are being evaluated not just on skills and athletic ability but also their willingness to compete at 100%.

What is the best way interested student-athletes should get in touch with you?

E-mail is the best way for student-athletes to get in touch with me.

What should student-athletes avoid in their messaging to college coaches?

Make your message to college coaches personal. Be sure to elaborate on why you think a certain school is the right fit for you academically and athletically. Also, be sure to double check your spelling and that all the information is correct.

Walk us through your timeline when recruiting a student athlete

During the fall we will begin to watch High School juniors play, either individually or with their club team. From there we will get a good list of players we feel could be good fits at Saint Lawrence. During the summer, between a prospective student-athletes’ junior and senior year, we will continue to watch players and then narrow down our list and invite players to come visit campus.

What kind of players succeed at your program?

Players that succeed at our program are ones that can commit to a high level of both academic and athletic success. The willingness to put in the extra work on the field, in the weight-room, and in the classroom is a great advantage.

Tell us about your transition from lacrosse player to lacrosse coach.

My transition from being a lacrosse player to a lacrosse coach was very difficult at first. Now that I have been coaching for some time, I have been able to define my coaching style. I have been able to use my previous experiences, both as a player and coach, to be the best coach I can be at that time.

What’s your recruiting strategy going into an event? After an event?

When going to a recruiting event, I will try and watch as many players and as many club teams as possible. From there I will narrow down players or teams that I would like to watch a second time. After an event I will reach out to players that I believe would be good fits for our Men’s Lacrosse program.

Once again, thanks to Stefan for his time, and best of luck to Saint Lawrence this season!

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