sportsrecruits-co-founderMatt Wheeler co-founded SportsRecruits in 2008, and has been a driving force behind the company’s success. As Co-CEO, Matt oversees all aspects of Technology Development and Marketing. Matt takes great pride in leveraging his experience to provide real value to athletes and their families.

September was an exciting month here in Brooklyn at SportsRecruits HQ!

As always, we added a bunch of great club organizations to our platform, processed renewals for existing clubs, added new employees to the team and launched a major product upgrade!

If you are a club not currently on the platform, please sign up for a demo so we can show you around and answer any questions you might have about clubs using SportsRecruits.

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Product Updates



New Sports

SportsRecruits now supports 27 men’s and women’s sports, including our newest additions: Football, Tennis, Squash and Beach Volleyball.


Favorites 2.0

Every athlete should create a target list of schools that contains a balance of safety, fit, and reach schools. We rebuilt the Favorites feature so that athletes can categorize and rank each school, to help keep their research organized. Club staff can assist their athletes in the process, by viewing and editing these categories. The new Favorites page also includes valuable context, such as the last contact date with each school. Diligent research is the first step to a successful recruiting process!


Messaging Signatures

Club Directors who are well connected with college coaches are constantly communicating on SportsRecruits. One of the pain points for these power users was that they couldn’t save their signature, and were forced to retype it in every message. We heard your feedback and are happy to announce that messaging signatures are live! You can set up your signature today by going to the “Settings” tab within the Messaging system.


What are some of the other pain points that you have in the recruiting process? We’d love to get started building your solution!


New Clubs

This September, we welcomed many new organizations into the SportsRecruits club family. Check out which clubs are staying competitive with SportsRecruits software.

It is not lost on us that technology is a challenge for many youth sports organizations. The entire SportsRecruits team is here to make integrating your club seamless. It can literally be done in an hour.

Sign up for a live demo if you have not seen the product yet!

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  • The Academy Volleyball | Volleyball • Indiana • 20 Teams
  • Liverpool FC America (Boys) | Soccer • Kentucky • 10 Teams
  • Liverpool FC America (Girls) | Soccer • Kentucky • 10 Teams
  • Capital Volleyball Academy | Volleyball • Wisconsin • 7 Teams
  • Miami Elite Volleyball | Volleyball • Florida • 4 Teams
  • Seacoast United Pirates | Baseball • New Hampshire • 4 Teams
  • Carolina Vipers Baseball Academy | Baseball • North Carolina • 3 Teams
  • 253 Elite VBC | Volleyball • Washington • 3 Teams
  • Langan Baseball | Baseball • New Jersey • 3 Teams
  • Dive Volleyball Club | Volleyball • Colorado • 3 Teams
  • Cape Fear Shamrocks | Lacrosse • North Carolina • 2 Teams
  • Precision Athletics Volleyball | Volleyball • North Carolina • 2 Teams
  • Indiana Elite Baseball | Baseball • Indiana • 1 Team
  • Foothill Gold Softball | Softball • California • 1 Team
  • Northside Out Chicago VBC | Volleyball • Chicago • 1 Team
  • Pure Fastpitch | Softball • California • 1 Team
  • NY BlueFire Softball | Softball • New York • 1 Team
  • Thurston County Saints | Baseball • Washington • 1 Team
  • KC Barnstormers | Baseball • Kentucky • 1 Team
  • South Eastern Virginia Aquatics (Boys) | Swimming • Virginia • 20 Athletes
  • Biloxi Elite Swim Team (Boys) | Swimming • Mississippi • 10 Athletes
  • Biloxi Elite Swim Team (Girls) | Swimming • Mississippi • 10 Athletes


Renewing Clubs

I say this all the time, but anybody can buy something once. How many restaurants have you been to that you never go back to? We measure success by the clubs that renew with us.

These clubs have felt the transformative impact that SportsRecruits can have on a club organization. They will be renewing their integrations for the second, third, and fourth consecutive years. They will continue to empower their student-athletes to pursue their dreams. Having 2 (!!) dedicated people at SportsRecruits managing each account ensures success.

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Click on the club names to see these club storefronts in action.


New People

While I love our product, I really love our team.


Behind SportsRecruits is a team of people committed to empowering student-athletes to pursue their dreams of playing college sports. Each day, our entire company is working towards that goal.

We’ve gained some talented and passionate people in September. Here is what they’ve observed in their first weeks at SportsRecruits and what excites them the most about helping families through our product.

Natalie Bonaroti, Customer Success Specialist


SR embodies their mission of empowering student-athletes by first empowering a group of incredibly hard working & passionate team members.

There are so many roadblocks to battle in the recruiting process, and this platform is designed to help eliminate many of them. Gathering info to effectively communicate with coaches swallowed up so much of my time when I was going through the recruiting process. SR would have made my life so much easier.



Clare Gaskell, Associate Product Manager


SportsRecruits can build products that empower student-athletes during the recruiting process because they understand their customer.


Want to take SportsRecruits for a spin?

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