When attending recruiting events, we want you to get the most bang for your buck. You have most likely traveled long and far to “get looks” and “get recruited”, only to find out the schools you have been in communication with are not there.

Playing in front of college coaches who do not know who you are is never a good idea. Being number 383 running around is not going to cut it (more about that here).

SportsRecruits uses technology to solve this problem.

Taking into account the schools you have contacted and the schools on your target list, we run an analysis to suggest events with the largest overlap.

To us, this is the most logical strategy.

If you are interested in Princeton, but have not contacted Princeton, it does not matter what events Princeton will be attending because Princeton has no idea who you are.

Princeton’s whereabouts only matter after you have shared your highlight reel and stayed in regular contact with the university.

Let’s consider a real life scenario:

A male lacrosse player contacted the following programs:Fairfield, Hofstra, Holy Cross, Lafayette, Manhattan, Princeton, Virginia, Yale, Swarthmore, Lehigh, Binghamton, St. John’s, Vassar, and BU.

A possible event the athlete can attend has the following schools confirmed: Fairfield, Hofstra, Princeton, Virginia, Swarthmore, and Vassar.

In this case, there is an overlap of 6 schools. You can then decide if you want to attend the event.

This analysis is only live in lacrosse currently. Email Aaron@SportsRecruits.com if you would like us to run this analysis. Be sure to include the player name and graduation year. If you are not a member of SportsRecruits, email us the list of schools you are currently in contact with.

The college search and recruiting process is all about being smart with your time and resources.

Another great thing about this analysis is that it helps you with your outreach leading up to the event. You can guarantee that you are connecting with the schools that will be on site.


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