ALBUQUERQUE, NM – March, 2017 – Albuquerque Baseball Academy and SportsRecruits have reached an agreement on a club integration, it was announced today. As part of the agreement, Albuquerque Baseball Academy staff and players will receive access to the innovative suite of tools provided by the recruiting platform.

“SportsRecruits provides our athletes and families with a recruiting platform that is simple to navigate,” said Michael Foote, President. “With a structure proven to drive successful results.”

“Our mission is to help more New Mexico athletes earn athletic scholarships and advance to college baseball,” said Ryan Brewer, Recruiting Coordinator. “Equally important is that they have an enjoyable college baseball experience.”

“To achieve this, it is important that each athlete find the right college fit,” said Brewer.

“The SportsRecruits platform makes it easy for athletes to access all the information on colleges they need to select the schools that best suit them.”

“The ease with which athletes can access college information and contact coaches keeps them engaged in the process.”

Michael Foote, President

SportsRecruits is a technology solution that automatically organizes the recruiting process for club staff and players. With SportsRecruits, players share their athletic stats, academic transcripts, event schedule and video. The Built-In Messaging System connects the club to every college coach in the country.

The Search for a Unified Recruiting Solution

Michael Foote and Ryan Brewer searched for ways to help their families in the recruiting process. The more products they evaluated, the more they realized that they needed an integrated recruiting solution. Recruiting is traditionally a piecemeal process. No solution solves the entire equation.

Except for SportsRecruits.

“We’ve been searching for a more effective recruiting platform that would provide a ‘one stop shop’ for our players,” said Michael Foote. “SportsRecruits is this platform.”

SportsRecruits operates as a one-stop-shop where athletes, parents, and club staff alike can contribute to the athlete’s recruitment.

Recommending schools, reaching out to coaches, building a memorable first impression. Every step in the recruiting process, in one go.

“SportsRecruits makes it simple for athletes to build and maintain a profile,” said Foote. “As well as to locate college baseball programs at all levels (DI, DII, DIII, NAIA & JC).”

Using Advanced School Search, families can filter colleges for attributes like athletic division, size, academic rigor, acceptance rate, and distance from home.

“Upon finding these schools, athletes have instant access to up-to-date coach contact information,” said Foote.

When athletes find the right schools for them, they can contact coaches at those schools within a few taps.

SportsRecruits organizes every message sent out to coaches. Anytime that an athlete reaches out to a school, this action appears on his activity feed. Club staff can see which students are being proactive, and which ones are not doing enough.

“As a club, we can see which of our players are actively engaged and emailing college coaches,” said Brewer. “Which in turn allows our club staff to follow up with additional assistance to secure successful results.”

“Seeing which players are not engaged enables us to reach out to them to help get them going,” said Foote.

Guidance can take the form of a coach recommending schools to an athlete. Armed with his coach’s encouragement, the athlete can contact a college with confidence. At the end of the day, it’s the athlete that takes initiative.

“The ease with which athletes can access college information and contact coaches keeps them engaged in the process.”

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About Albuquerque Baseball Academy

Since 2003, the Albuquerque Baseball Academy has assisted in placing over 300 (98% success rate) New Mexico and West Texas players into college or professional baseball. ABA provides baseball/softball pitching, hitting, & fielding instruction from some of the most sought after and highly experienced instructors in the Southwest. Also, the ABA maintains a club team program, in Albuquerque and West Texas, offering club teams for players 9U-14U (Sluggers) and 15U-18U (HS Summer Select).

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About SportsRecruits

SportsRecruits is a platform that provide clubs, players and their families access to every college coach in the country. Club organizations use our platform to empower their players in the recruiting process and oversee their efforts and communication with complete transparency. Connections made on the platform have resulted in commitments to the best academic and athletic institutions across the country. SportsRecruits is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit