Where Are the Bright Places?

Close your eyes and think of your bright place.

Some see Netflix. Sand between their toes. Funnel cakes at the fair. Bistro chairs, breezy night, banter egged on with the clink of knives on china and free-flowing wine. Some see their bed in the five minutes before they leave it.

We see a vacant field at the crack of dawn. The world is asleep, it’s just you and the ball, and some dirt rising.

We see challenge.

For the SportsRecruit, the brightest place to be is pressed against the volleyball court, because you’re on your tenth consecutive dive, elbows and knees raw, but already you’re up. You’re diving again.

It’s waking up at 6am to work on your game, to push yourself. It’s 9pm on a Friday night, your phone lies forgotten on the soccer field, lighting up with texts from your friends. There’s sweat on your face but your mind is clear.

You’re exposed. Fighting in front of Olympic coaches for the national championship. You fail, and you fall, you let your teammates down and feel the agony of defeat more than others will ever know. But you are maniacal. You can’t stop. So you don’t. You commit.

You fail forward.

If only to stay in your bright place for just that much longer.

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