If you’ve recently integrated with the SportsRecruits platform, you’ve made the first move towards happier staff, fulfilled players, satisfied families, and a stronger club. But what separates the most successful integrations from the least? What approach can help you make the most of your new integration?

Momentum is a crucial factor in determining integration success. It’s important to get into a rhythm with the platform from the start. This is why we’re rolling out a new series documenting a SportsRecruits integration from inception. So you can have at your disposal a realtime view of how a club may leverage the SportsRecruits platform to achieve results.

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Part 2

As you get older, your actions grow increasingly more linked with lives outside your own. This is especially relevant to recruiting, where Ali’s influence extends to every girl on her team.

With a lack of structure, it is easy to blame fatigue for failing to follow through on work. But procrastination affects not only you, but the players that look to you for guidance.

Ali agrees. And after identifying the goal for her SportsRecruits integration, Ali is determined to achieve it.

“You can’t give in to the ‘tired,’ you will fail.”

In order to succeed, you must do to the contrary. You must make a structured commitment.

Ali's Field Hockey Team[/ecko_fullpage_image]

Gone In 60 Minutes

SportsRecruits delivers the necessary structure. Ali allocated a 1-2 hour weekly slot to recruiting. Not only does Ali have a designated time during which to tend to recruiting, Ali has a designated place, too.

The platform provides a centralized location for all things recruiting. Ali can log into an organized world devoted to her players.

“SportsRecruits gives me a place to go to check off the boxes and get on with my week,” said Ali of the simplicity. “And still make an effective difference for the kids for that week.”

Ali knows that when she dedicates an hour, she will emerge from that hour feeling like she actually made an impact.

Ease of Use, Ease of Mind

In addition to providing a central location, the platform prescribes the actions to take.

Consider this familiar scenario. Ali is struck with a thought that may be beneficial for the girls. Typically, she might reach for a piece of paper to make a note.

A piece of paper has many uses, but its great drawback is nonconformity to a system. It can be lost. It can be forgotten. It creates an additional channel where information lives.

One piece of paper is harmless, but what happens when they add up? Consider the total of all loose notes which accumulate over time. That is a lot of channels for information to be spread across.

Information housed in decentralized locations is information subject to be lost or forgotten.

SportsRecruits eliminates hesitation. Its streamlined interface outlines the next action that Ali ought to take.

Whenever Ali has a thought pertinent to recruiting, she always has one route. Ali logs into SportsRecruits. There, she translates the thought into action, averting the chance of forgetting.

The other day, Ali sent a blast message to remind the girls that she will be taking head shots for their profiles.

Ali sends a message

With SportsRecruits, Ali no longer has to carry the burden of remembering, revisiting, and transferring that mental note. With the same time and ease of jotting down some words on a piece of paper, Ali brought the action to completion and went on with her life. All the while, knowing that this thought that came to her has no chance of falling through the cracks. With SportsRecruits, it will stick.

Acting as liaison between players, parents, and coaches makes logging into traditional email a daunting task. The expectation is an overflowing inbox that disrupts the order you work hard to achieve.

With SportsRecruits, the roles are reversed. It is the platform which provides order to your chaos. Logging in is rewarding, not stressful. This is likely to encourage dedication beyond the allotted recruiting hour…because it doesn’t feel like work. Keeping track of recruiting becomes second nature.

Stay tuned for Part 3 to learn how you can leverage this positive feedback for motivation, and, ultimately, goal fulfillment.

Missed Part I? Click here to recap the first step towards a successful integration.