Fish Where the Fish Are

Welcome to our Recruiting Engagement Series, where we will show how to utilize our platform to make the most of the recruiting process.

General: Messages have been sent; videos are now in the possession of a college coach. What next? Sit and wait, right? Wrong. One important way to make the recruiting process work for you is to continue to be proactive. The way to do this in an intelligent way – read: not nagging a college coach – is to ensure you are focusing your efforts where you are receiving interest.

Why It Matters: College coaches are in constant communication, so it’s wise for student-athletes to be persistent with a deft touch. Said another way: You don’t want to annoy a college coach. However, being proactive a good way to stay on the radar of target schools. The key is doing the former in a way that still allows for the latter.

How to Do It: Our platform offers a robust analytics page, and members are alerted whenever a college coach views their information and/or video. This allows a student-athletes to focus in on the schools they are receiving the most interest from, adjusting their target list of schools accordingly. In short, the feature allows members to focus their activity so it can be persistent without being off-putting.

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Overheard from a College Coach: “If a player isn’t a great fit for my program but may fit another with whom I am close, I will let that coach know.”

Supporting Statistic: On average, each member receives over 200 video views from college coaches.


Our members with video receive plenty of views from college coaches. The key is that users know which ones are watching!

Summary: Focusing on those schools that are showing interest in you is a sure way to find success in the recruiting process. The hard part is often knowing just which college coaches are interested. Using the analytics our platform provides allows users to be laser-focused in their efforts because they know in real time when to follow up, which schools are showing interest and more. By being in the know, student-athletes can be proactive in a way that will not be off-putting to a coach while setting the table for a positive relationship moving forward.