Welcome to another installment of SR 101, a video series where a member of our staff will show you a specific portion of our platform and how it works.

Think of this column like a cheat sheet for those who prefer video to reading about things, even if that written content is astute, educational and/or written by me.

This week’s video: Episode 1 – Completing Your Profile

Topic: In this video, our Account Manager, Jordan, will show you how to ensure your profile is up to date and ready to be seen by college coaches.

How It Helps: One of the biggest pains in the recruiting process is organization. Sharing information with college coaches is a messy mix of attachments, long emails and follow-ups.

However, having this information all housed in one place makes it very easy for college coaches to get everything they need, in a single click. No opening attachments, no sifting through text to find pertinent information.

With relevant material housed on the profile page, student-athletes make the process of being seen both easier and efficient for all parties.

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